Let’s face it, time tends to stop at airports. After exchanging a few hugs at the entrance of the airport you go to boarding gate feeling a little nostalgic and looking forward to the trip ahead. After spending a quick time at the boarding gate, you proceed to strip away your belt and clear the security gate. Now what? By the looks of it every airline expects you to reach 45 minutes before your actual boarding time. But you have three hours to kill, don’t you? Follow these steps and those difficult hours at the airport will be no big deal during your next time.

1. Locate your gate

Yes, the first thing I will recommend doing would be locating your gate. The reason being, that you need to know how much time it would take for you to reach your gate. So that you can keep a track of time efficiently and report back to your gate when your plane starts boarding. You could stay by the gate for all of the three hours. But chances are that there isn’t going to be any range by the gates, so you can say good bye to net browsing or making calls. All the best killing any time that way.

2. Look around

You will never find the opportunity too look at your own country through the perspective of a tourist and feel like; Damn! There is more to this place then whatever is displayed here! It’s a bizarre feeling. You can go to other gates because some gates are designed in a different way to accommodate more people for flights that are frequently used or for destinations that take on many more people. But yeah, you can totally do that. If you’re are flying internationally, you will be amazed by the artistic displays at the airport. Yes, domestic airports too have some but then domestic airports are usually tiny so.

3. Get some coffee or tea

Yes, it would be expensive than the one you can get outside of the airport. But it will make you feel cozy and warm. It would soothe you if your anxious and if you are already felling fine it tastes amazing and you are going to enjoy it and it will for sure kill time more efficiently.

4. Range

You might think that airports are sneaky about where you get range and where you don’t, because maybe you might not get range by your gate but then suddenly when you are in the place you have all the bars, but now you need to put your phone on airplane mode. From what I have noticed, you get range around duty free so that’s where you can make calls or do your browsing.

That’s about it, I don’t think there are any other things you can do at the airport that isn’t common knowledge yet. Yes, spending three hours can be long but not as long as the flight you are going to be on board. Have a safe flight.