How To Cool Yourself In The Summer

Kayenat Patil
Jul 04, 2019   •  172 views

As the temperature hikes and the summer tries to suck the life force out of you. You might find yourself not wanting to do anything. The heat is so strong that even procrastinating feels like a tiresome thing to do. Well, wait no more your savior with a keyboard and ideas is here to help you out and save the days. Here are some ideas that you may or may not know about how to cool down in the summer.

1. Showers in the Afternoon

Okay, so your mom may not be on board with this one but here is a solid advice, have showers in the afternoons. That was a necessary disclaimer as my mom completely flipped out when I started doing this, but after a week she understood my point of view and grudgingly let me do it. having showers in the afternoon feels amazing since noon is the hottest time of the day you can do all your daily activities, even play a sport of any sort and then have a cold shower by four or five in the afternoon. Trust me your body is going to love it, just shower before sun goes down and not after it as shower after sunset isn’t as affective.

2. Air conditioning

This is very crucial and the most important thing on the list. Air conditioning can be so harmful for your health if you don’t use it right. This is very important if you are using an air conditioner, make sure that they blow the air away from you or your body do not stand in front of the AC unit ever, it can cause your skin to dry up and also cause dehydration. When in a room don’t fiddle with the AC, keep it on for a while before switching it off. Your house may not be used to the sudden power spike, so do not switch the AC on and off frequently.

3. Treats

Invest in ice cream, popsicles and all the frozen cold goodies you enjoy. Its finally time and no one will judge you for it. Yes, all the bad things about the cold foods are still true, but hey everything in moderate amount is fine. What you may not even know about eating cold things in the summer is that it lowers your body temperature by a ton, which is key in the summer season. It helps your mind and body cool down which in turn boosts dopamine the feel-good hormone. Just remember everything is good in moderation.

That’s all I can think about right now, the other hacks I have are a bit mature and would require you living by yourself, because no self-respecting adult would let you go to a Baskin Robbins just to feel the AC for a while and of course your parents will have a functioning AC.