Important!!!Do Not Forget To Pack These Things!!!

Kayenat Patil
May 21, 2019   •  259 views

Summer is finally here and so are vacations. It’s the ideal time of the year to take a week or two off and spend some quality time with your family. But wait, before you head off and start packing in a haste, do not forget to consider the following.

1. Luggage

Select your luggage carefully. You don’t want to be pushing a gigantic, forty-pound bag with a popped-out wheel. If your travel itinerary includes visiting a lot of places and going to different hotels, carry a good sturdy bag with preferably four wheels and also a bag pack. The size of the bag pack is totally your choice but do not, DO NOT opt for a fanny pack, they are just ridiculous and impractical. If you are going to be carrying a water bottle every day, It’s best that the water bottle stays in the bag rather than taking turns passing it around.

2. Identification

i. Passport It goes without saying that if you are flying out of your home country, you have to carry your passport. But, believe me I have heard stories of people reaching the airport and their passports waving them good bye from their night stand. This set back will earn you taunts to last a life time.

ii. Driver’s license/ College ID If you don’t plan on taking the air route, still have some ID on you, preferable one with a photo and a date of birth. In an unknown place, it’s best to keep it on you in case tragedy strikes. If you or your child is a student, carry that ID as well, you never know when you might get a discount.

3. Cash

This is for people traveling to a different country. Make sure that you convert cash beforehand, keep an eye on the rates and convert accordingly. Its’s the small things that make a huge difference. Check if the places you are visiting accepts only hard cash or cards. Transaction through cards is always preferred since you don’t have to worry about sorting your notes and squinting to read the value of those nasty little coins. In such situations, keep cash for emergencies only.

4. Personal Hygiene Products

You don’t have to carry shampoo, soap, towel, shower caps, etc, if you plan on staying in a hotel. You will only require a toothbrush and a toothpaste. Do not forget to carry moisturizers, razor, make up, curling iron/ flat iron and sanitary products. Do not carry a blow dryer as most hotels have one, but you can always check online. For men, carry a razor/trimmer. Even a Deo will be a lifesaver. That’s about it. Also, wet wipes! They are a life saver.

5. Chargers & Electronics

It’s simple, you will be carrying electronics, you will need chargers; that’s all. Make sure that each device has a separate charger. If it ain't a business trip, don’t take the laptop, it will just be an extra burden for your shoulders. At the end of the night you’d want to plug in all your devices at the same time. Carry a battery pack/power bank. Do consider buying a universal charger if you plan on going abroad. Some hotels do provide them, usually free of cost or they will ask you for a safety deposit. But, if you are into traveling, do invest in one or enjoy the mini bidding war with other residents of the hotel.

6. Apps

If you don’t have google maps on your phone, good luck trying to navigating through the city! You’re going to need it. There are a few apps specific to certain cities so do check that out, especially if you plan on using public transport and/or walking around the city. You may not need to worry about this if you’re travelling with a tourist company, but even then, google maps always come in handy for navigation.

7. Miscellaneous

Yes, I haven’t mentioned clothes because usually that’s what people pack first, but don’t forget pajamas. This section contains little nick-knacks that are often forgotten. Do carry extra pair of underwear. A few accessories such as hats, caps, jewelry, sun glasses, scarfs even a belt can do magic. Carry shoes and sandals. With shoes come socks and you can never have too many pairs of socks! Carry a swimsuit or jackets depending upon your destination. Don’t leave out the sunscreen! Do invest in a travel insurance if travelling abroad. If you’re flying, carry an empty bottle and fill it up after security scans or the bottle might get thrown.

That’s it, if you follow this list, luggage will be one less to worry about. From all of us here, too lazy to think about leaving the couch, have a happy and safe trip!