Hey! Awesome people with truly awesome hair out there. I know there are so many people who think that they know everything when it comes to everyone’s hair and recommend things that should never be done to curly hair. Here are a few things from a fellow curly haired person to you. I have tried and tested them all. You won’t be disappointed.

1. Drop everything

Remove all hair products from your life, you don’t need them. Or at least you don’t know if you need them or not. All the hair spray, gel, gum, glue, everything must go. All products must die. You don’t know the sensitivity of your hair with years and years of abuse. You need to start fresh. Give your hair the time it needs. Love it, take care of it and most importantly, nurture it. Ditch the comb. Yes, the comb! Curly hair shouldn’t be combed, use a wide toothed comb if you have to. But nothing else.

2. Textured hair

Try new products in the “textured hair” section. Yes, not all stores might have it and its possible that no stores in your neighborhood might have the section. So, go online and check it there. Trust me you are not going to be disappointed in anything you find there. The products available in the market cater to people with straight hair and that’s not fair.

3. Ditch the conditioner

My hair thanked me for this. Wave your conditioner good bye from the trash, it might be hard to do but you have to. That was the key to my hair problems. When I used a conditioner before, my hair made me looked like a Dumbledore and I had accepted the fact that that was it and nothing could happen. Then just one day I was in a hurry and decided not to use the conditioner, cue magic. Haven’t touched the conditioner ever since.

4. Diet

Check your diet! Eating greasy and oily food is not going to help your stomach or your hair. No! The oil from your food won’t nourish your scalp, it doesn’t work that way, your skin intervenes and pimples win. Take care of your diet, I’m not telling you to turn into a health nut but have a good diet and your hair will respect you for every bite they take.

5. Be happy

If you love your hair, play with it, enjoy it. People crave what you have. They love the waviness and wish it. Yes, we live in a world where the grass is always greener on the other side and we can’t do anything about it, but we can change our attitude and enjoy the attention. Be happy, you are what they call ‘blessed’.

All in all, have fun with your hair than cursing it for something you are born with. It’s therapeutic and a little crazy to be happy for absolutely no reason.