5 Things To Think About After High School

Kayenat Patil
Jun 18, 2019   •  225 views

So, class of 2019! First of all, congratulation you made it to the other side, you deserve an applause for doing something millions do every year. It was a tough battle, but it’s only about to get tougher now! Now that you have a lot of time with those nasty little assignments out of your way, let’s think about the next step. Emphasis on ‘think’, this is just a list of things I did/ wanted to do. So, I know what I’m talking about. Here are a few things you can do to ease your way into adulting.

Disclaimer: Adulting is the act of trying to be an adult and failing miserably, at least according to me. So, relax! You aren’t an adult yet, breathe!

1. University/College

This one is easy and you should have already thought about it in high school. You need an education to make money! And you need money to survive, told you it was easy! That’s it. You should have all of your documentation sorted by now and knees deep in entrance exam preparations. If you have applied for admission overseas, make sure your visa and funding is sorted. There are many things that can go wrong, just make sure that none of them are from your side. I know that you can always apply next year, but a year? That’s 365 days of constant nagging. I don’t know about you, but I wouldn’t sign up for that.

2. Hobbies

You will definitely have lot of time to kill before your actual college starts. You’ll have enough time to break out the guitar that has been sitting at the back of your closet, blow the cobb webs off the elliptical machine or something as simple as learning to cook without using all the utensils in your mom’s kitchen. Trust me, less utensils equals less upset mom. You can even spend this time catching up with your TV series. Cook up an amazing snack for your next binge night maybe? You can even clean out the closet before it starts flooding with the things you’ll definitely spend money on after viewing a few pins titled “College Essentials”. But if all this gets too much, just hit the park with your dog, he has been missing the quality time you shared when you were busy complaining about how much you have to study.

3. Summer job

Resume boosts are not a bad thing, and if you don’t find a job because you’re just a high school graduate, I know, I couldn’t, maybe volunteering would do the trick. I get it, why get off the soft cozy bed and “work”? Trust me, that’s a solid argument, but when boredom hits, it hits hard and kills slowly. So, summer job isn’t that awful, especially not the extra cash and if there is no cash involved, it’s okay, that’s the fun part about where you are at. You can always rely on your parents.

4. Open a bank account

You need a bank account; no, your parents' account won’t do! There are so many scholarships that colleges give out and students aren’t able to claim it, just because they don’t have a bank account. Hey! you may live in a country where opening an account is very simple and gets done within a matter of minutes, some of us don’t, well at least I don’t! So, this is a really important step.

5. Health and Physic

You can not go to college with your flabs hanging out, no I’m not body shaming anyone. But losing those extra pounds you gained due to stress eating needs to be lost before college. Also, since you will be drinking a whole lot more in college, if you include going to the gym or even jogging to the park, your future beer belly would be a lot less inflated. Plus, it will make you feel better about yourself without inhaling narcotics, that’s a definite pro.

There you have it, 5 things you have to think about after high school. Sure, there are a lot more things to think about, like shopping! But that’s just obvious. In fact, I went shopping right after my last exam ended, even before it hit me that I was done with school, I was merrily trolling my cart, before my mom called me home and you know, spoiled the fun and brought me back to reality.