Rarest Blood: Mumbai Blood Group

Kavya Choragudi
Mar 22, 2019   •  77 views

While the blood groups in india are 4 main blood groups in India ( A, B, O, AB ) and they can beRhD positive or RhD negative so in totaal we have 8 blood groups, another type of blood group was discovered in Mumbai.

This rarest blood group is called Bombay blood group or HH Blood Group and this blood type can be found in1 in 10,000individuals in India and 1 in a million people in Europe.

It was discovered among the tribes near Mumbai, that is why it was named as Bombay blood group.
This blood group contains 1 H antigen which also is responsible for production of antigens in ABO blood groups.

In general, when blood is needed for ABO blood types, the following statistics are followed:

But, people with HH blood type cannot receive blood from other blood types. They have to store their blood in advance if needed for some other time.