There was an old man living in a small town, named Mr. John. He was living alone. He had a scar on his face which made him look scary. He fears to face other neighbors as no one talks to him because of his facial scar.

Mr. John never had any friends and he was also not married. Then came a day when a new family moves to his neighborhood. They were a nice couple, Mr. and Mrs. Jones children Leo and Elle.

The other people living in the building welcomed the new family and tells them not to talk with Mr. John, because of his scary face. But family and children take it as a piece of silly advice and ignored them. Whenever they saw Mr. John outside their building, they always greeted him with good response. Mr. John welcome them to his home. Also, Mr. and Mrs. Jones help Mr. John with his groceries as no one helps him carried things up to his home through stairs. He makes delicious cupcakes for Leo on his birthday, as he was once a famous chef at a local cake store.

One evening Mr. John offers dinner plan to the family, so much of laughter and sounds of crockeries; makes other neighbors wondered why they were not invited as it sounds like a delightful dinner.

Next day Mrs. Jones spoke on meeting her neighbors, says “ You all must get to know Mr. John. He was so kind-hearted and also a good chef. He had a story of his scar, which happened accidentally when he used to help his parents on their farm.”

Neighbors did not know anything about Mr. John and started following the examples Mrs. Jones gave them. Soon, they all joined Mr. John on every weekend dinners. They all shared their foods and everyone enjoys Mr. John’s cupcakes also.

They all lived great together now, also go outdoors, plan dinners, and Mr. John has not felt lonely now because everyone in society greets him and respects him.

Everyone in the building was happy for Mr. John because of a good example Jones family set for them.