Anger is normal until it is not affecting your health and emotions. But it will lead to a problem if it leads to aggression or any physical outbursts.

It is important for you to control anger, and it will help you avoid saying things that you may regret later.

Keeping your anger in the track is a challenging task but you have to avoid it through some anger management tips.

Express your anger when you are calm:

As soon as you are calm, and you can think clearly about the topic and the reason which caused the anger, express your anger to others in an assertive way. Share your anger in a way that it does not hurt others feelings.

Do some physical activities:
Try to remove your stress and anger through some exercise or physical activity like punching, running, or anything you like. Don’t raise your temper to do some fun activity to calm it down.

Identify possible solutions to the problem:
Don’t focus on what made you mad; focus on what will be the possible solutions for resolving it. Remain calm and remind yourself that anger won’t fix anything, it will make condition more worse.

Repeat words which motivates you:
Find a word or phrase which can calm the beast out of you. Keep repeating those words in your mind until you are fully calm and relaxed.

Listen to music:
Take your headphones out; plug it in your ears; play your favourite silent music. Sit at a silent place and let music take out the anger away from you.

Write about it in your diary:
If you can't talk about your feeling with anyone, write down in your diary. Let diary be your best friend. Writing down your anger will calm you and make you feel relaxed.



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