How To Choose The Best Business Software For Pharmacy Store

Hitesh Jain
Apr 03, 2020   •  7 views

Healthcare is India's largest industry which is growing by leaps and bounds. The evolving demands of the users making it more popular and growing. Various companies or startups around the country are providing lucrative digital solutions to establish their position in the fast-growing market. On the other hand, various hospitals, clinics, healthcare centers, fitness centers, and pharmaceutical stores are taking the perks of technology to increase their services or sales.

As per the reports, around 65% of medical stores are using digital platforms to store, analyze and monitor health information. Pharmacy software solutions are gaining more popularity among drug owners.

Are you running a pharmacy store and facing technology challenges? Don't worry, in this article, we will help you to meet the right solution to take your business to the next level. However, there is various software available in the market that can make you think twice or trice which solution is best to buy. Here will discuss how to choose the best business software for the pharmacy store. Before we dive in too far, let's take a look.


What Is Pharmacy Management Software?

Pharmacy management software is a complete solution with robust features. It is built using a set of programs that are used to redefine business standards. In general, this solution helps store owners manage patients and practices. It stores a large set of business data and enables functionality to maintain or monitor the business processes within pharmacies. From POS to the back office, it simplifies daily medical store-related tasks. It is used to serve for many purposes, including the invoicing and inventory of pharmaceutical drugs.


What Are The Features Of Pharmacy Software?

Pharmacy retail software is very important for every store. The solution comes loaded with advanced features that will help you run business activities effectively.

  1. Fast Billing Process using Bar Codes - To streamline the entire billing process, this solution comes into play. Using this software, the store owner can make the billing process faster, secure and accurate.

  2. Available in both online & offline modes - This solution is allowing store admin to have full access to software in both online & offline modes. If unfortunately, there is no internet connectivity in your store then you can access the system in offline mode.

  3. Point of sale (POS) - The owner of a physical outlet using point of sale calculates the amount of the medicine or products owned by the customer, to print the invoice and receive the payments.

  4. Patient Management - This customized pharmacy software allows you to manage new or existing patients. Furthermore, you can analyze a patient's medical records by accessing their medical history.

  5. Inventory and Purchase Management - It provides real-time tracking of inventory and purchase. You as a store owner can automate various inventory and purchase-related tasks with ease.

  6. Sales Promotions Handling - It provides the best technique to achieve business objectives such as to encourage store traffic, stimulate purchase, etc. Sales promotions handling is good to promote the products.

  7. Payment Options - Having various payment modes into the system makes your services more reliable. In this, you can receive payments from the customers through cash, digital wallet, credit card, etc.

  8. VAT & Central Sales Tax Handling - This solution provides the best feature of handling VAT & central sales tax. It also helps store owners in the process of filing tax returns, GST billing, etc.

  9. Complete MIS View & Reporting - With MIS reports, you can get valuable records into reports such as medicine brand, medicine quantity, total sales, total available medicine, billing, etc.

  10. Complete Accounting up-to Balance Sheet - With the help of online pharmacy software, you as a store owner can manage the balance sheets, and also perform various accounting related operations quickly like payable, receivables and stock management.

  11. Export reports to Excel/Text/PDF Formats - As per your choice, you as a store owner can easily export medical store-related reports to any format such as Excel, PDF or text formats.

  12. Offers/Rewards/Coupons - You can also provide offers/rewards associated with the medicine or other health products to the patients to increase sales.

  13. Multiple Stock & Sales Locations - With the help of this tool, you can manage product inventory by brand name, medicine name, deadstock, in-offer health products and more. You can also get sales report location wise if you are running more than one store.


Benefits of Pharmacy Software

  1. Easy-to-use and Fast

    It is easy to use and even provides a unique experience to the customers. The easy-to-use functionality and simple user interface make it best for the retail stores.

  2. Improve Decision Making

    Based on the overall performance, you can make proper planning or strategy to achieve remarkable growth.

  3. Improve Data Security

    The best practice of using this solution is data security that can never be accessed by unauthorized users.

  4. Improve Working Efficiency

    From automating, fast billing process to quick inventory access, it improves the overall working efficiency of the outlet.

  5. Better Revenue Management

    Based on the previous sales records, you can make a strategy to provide customers with better services to earn good revenue.

  6. Access Data Across the Chain

    This tool allows you to quickly access the complete data such as sales record, inventory, purchase, billing, accounting & finance, customer data, etc., across the chains. You can access store data by day, week, month or year.

  7. Rich Support and Maintenance

    Support and maintenance are very important to run business activities. You can get live support through chat or call to get an instant solution.

  8. Cost-Effective

    Pharmacy software price is cost-effective as small and mid-sized store owners can buy it at pocket-friendly costs.

How Pharmacy Software Works?

  • There is no need to have extra skills to run this software. Here are the steps of using it-

  • Install the software in your computer system

  • You will get a unique key to log-in to the system

  • Customer information is stored in the database

  • Scan the medicines/drugs/products through a barcode scanner to get the price.

  • A print-electronic invoice of the medicines/drugs/products

  • Collect cash through credit/debit cards, e-wallet or cash.


Integrating top pharmacy software into the system is an ideal choice for small and medium-scale business and this is why the demands of solutions steadily shoot up. If you are looking for the best pharmacy software to boost the overall performance of your store, then you need to do deep research and look for the features in the solution that we have discussed above. You can also ask your technology partner for a pharmacy software demo to understand its tools or features better.