How Do You Befriend Someone With Social Anxiety?

Ravish Jain
Nov 23, 2018   •  4 views

  • Find a common interest you can talk about. If you can't, the friendship will probably never happen. We can't just do small talk for hours.
  • Be patient, if they are not opening up immediately, it's not because they don't like you.
  • Take the lead in trying to set up get-togethers, at least for a while. It's hard to reach out to someone to arrange something when you have social anxiety.
  • Do arrange one on one meetings over group meetings. We suck at group conversations. With everyone talking over each other we can't get a word in and feel ignored. Some socially anxious people avoid these things altogether.
  • Lead the conversation, give us something to talk about, open new topics and shit. If you find the right topic (see point 1) you can get great conversations.
  • However, "lead the conversation" doesn't mean talk over the person and never let him get a word in. Don't be overbearing.
  • Don't do stuff like joking "roasts", some people like it but someone with social anxiety will likely assume you legitimately hate them.