'saaho' Review: Prabhas Is The Saving Grace Of This Weakly Written Action Flick

Girishma Shah
Sep 05, 2019   •  0 views

The casting directors of ‘Saaho’ probably camped at gyms across the world and picked up whoever looked sufficiently bulky.

Tollywood News: Sujeeth’s Saaho, made on a lavish budget of Rs 350 crore, is a big dumb action movie that strains to fulfill every adjective describing the genre. Big? Check. Dumb? VERY. Action? You can see where the money went (not on the writing, no).

Sabu Cyril, who built the kingdom of Mahishmati for Amarendra Baahubali, has built the futuristic Waaji for Saaho – a city that serves as a den for the world’s most dreadful gangsters, who all look like slightly cleaned up extras from the sets of Pirates of the Caribbean.

There’s a battle of succession among the gangster groups of Waaji with Rs 2 lakh crore at stake, and it’s a bunch of Indian cops based in Mumbai who are on their track. Prabhas, who is introduced as undercover cop Ashok Chakravarthy, makes a flashy entrance, swigging a bottle of Old Monk and immediately diving into an elaborate action sequence which also features ostriches, a black panther, and a python. For the record, the scene is not set at the San Diego zoo. If you still feel he isn’t undercover enough, he also drives a specially designed car that supposedly cost the makers over Rs 5 crore. Who wouldn’t buy this subtlety?

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