Pak Netizens Share Video Of Apple Trees Felled In Himachal Pradesh As Kashmir

Girishma Shah
Sep 06, 2019   •  0 views

BOOM found that the video is originally from Himachal Pradesh where felling of trees was ordered by the state’s High Court last year to clear illegal encroachments.

Fact Check on Fake News : A video of felling of apple trees in Himachal Pradesh has been shared by multiple Pakistani netizens with false claims that the Indian government is cutting down orchards belonging to Kashmiris.

Jammu and Kashmir was stripped off its special status and Article 370 was abrogated in the state on August 5, 2019 by the Indian government.

The video documents the felling of multiple apple trees, as supervisors and cops oversee the entire process.

The video is viral on Facebook with an Urdu caption which roughly translates to: “Article 370, after capturing the occupied Kashmir, the Indian Modi government has started atrocities and started cutting down the gardens of innocent Kashmiris. Share video more and more and like our Facebook page.”

“A video of the ongoing slaughter of fruit-laden apple trees under the High Court mandated drive to free forest land from encroachers. Thousands of trees have already been felled and a large number of them are to felled under this drive. While it is an appreciable move to free encroached land, the disappearance of thousands of trees in a short period doesn’t sound to be an appropriate move considering the impact on ecology.”

Watch the video Here → Apple Trees chopped In Himachal Pradesh