Old Video From Uttar Pradesh Spread As Tirumala Devotees Manhandled By ‘Christian Police’

Girishma Shah
Sep 05, 2019   •  0 views

In fact, the fake video is doing rounds on social media, with a similar claim, since 2017 from a Facebook page called Amaravati – AP Capital.

Andhra Pradesh News: A Twitter user Aviral Sharma, who is followed by Prime Minister Narendra Modi, shared a video where a policeman can be seen roughing up a few people who seem to be devotees inside a temple. Sharma claimed that “Christian police personnel manhandled Tirumala temple devotees”. He also took a jibe at the newly-election Chief Minister of Andhra Pradesh Jagan Mohan Reddy. “Jagan Reddy is a Vatican stooge who refused to light a lamp & gives Jerusalem ads on Tirupati bus tickets!” – wrote Sharma.

The tweet has been deleted now. However, Alt News took a screenshot of it before it was deleted.

A similar claim is also floating on Facebook. From the page ‘Resurging Dharma’the video has received over 11,000 views. It was circulated with the claim – “Non #Hindu security personal manhandling Hindu devotees at #Tirumala, Save Tirumala. remove all non-#Hindus working inside Hindu Temples!” Several other users also have also shared the video.

The clip is, in fact, doing rounds on social media, with a similar claim, since 2017. From a Facebook page Amaravati – AP Capital, it drew 5.3 million views, more than 1.2 lakh shares and over 10,000 likes.

The anchor says that a large number of devotees had gathered at the temple and the police manhandled a few of them to control the crowd. An officer got into a verbal scuffle with a woman whose husband was pushed around. Many devotees had to return without offering their prayers.

Watch the Video here → Christian police personnel manhandled Tirumala temple devotees