‘Never Google Your Symptoms’: How A Swedish Doctor Is Battling Health Misinformation

Girishma Shah
Aug 23, 2019   •  45 views

Dr. Henrik Widegren mixes his love for medicine and music with quirky titled songs in his first English album and probably the world’s only album on medicine.

Fake News:Dr. Henrik Widegren, a Swedish voice doctor and an ENT specialist by day, moonlights as a musician writing songs on misinformation in the health space.The now viral song ‘Never Google Your Symptoms’ from his debut album ‘Medical melodies and surgical symptoms’ is a satirical take on self-diagnosis.

Henrik has actively been a part of the Swedish theater and music scene. Prior to the English album, he released 3 Swedish albums. His current album has 13 songs all related to health and medicine.

The songs have quirky titles such as ‘Text messages from the ER’, ‘A Statistically Significant Love Song’, and ‘How to make a Baby.’

Never Google Your Symptoms

‘Never Google Your Symptoms’ released in April focuses on how people tend to google every small symptom that they observe and experience.

“If you google pain in your left arm, the search results in a heart attack alarm,” is one of the lines in the song.

The song suggests that the web search always churns out results of major illnesses which leads to fear among the person seeking information online that they are suffering from a major illness.

This phenomenon is medically called hypochondria.

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