How A Telangana Govt-Run School May Soon Have Better Sanitation, Thanks To Twitter

Girishma Shah
Sep 05, 2019   •  0 views

A government school in Telangana’s Medak town had 2 toilets for 270 girls and none for boys. This, however, may soon change.

Telangana News: For a government-run school in Telangana to get funds to repair and build new toilets, it seems they must bypass the district administration, get online on social media and tweet out their problems to get the government’s attention quicker. When the Zilla Parishad High School at Ramayanpet in Medak wanted to rebuild their thirty-year-old toilets for girl students, activists took to Twitter for officials to take notice.

The school is in a poor state, says Prashanth Mamidala, who runs the Hyderabad-based Helping Hands Humanity, a non-profit that helps teach school children. Prashanth took to Twitter and tagged state ministers and government officials to highlight the plight of the school.

For the 270 girls studying at the school, there are only 2 toilets that do not have drainage access. The 133 boys at the school do not even have toilets and have to relieve themselves outside the school.

“There are 403 students in the school and the girls use the toilets when it is an emergency, else they have to relieve themselves outside the school like the boys,” says G Prasanna Mani, the headmistress of the school. “I do not know the history as to why the school is still in a bad shape or as to why no efforts were taken in the past to fix it,” she adds. Prasanna joined the school as the headmistress this academic year.

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