Drowning Was The Cause Of Vg Siddhartha's Death: Forensic Report Concludes

Girishma Shah
Sep 05, 2019   •  0 views

VG Siddartha’s body was recovered about a month ago from the Netravati river near Mangaluru.


Karnataka News: Almost a month after the death of Coffee Day founder VG Siddartha, investigating officials concluded that the entrepreneur took his own life. The body of the 60-year old, who went missing on July 29 at the Nethravati Bridge in Mangaluru, was found near an ice-plant at Hoige Bazar about 9 km away from the bridge.

The probe into his mysterious death is still underway. However, investigating officials revealed that Siddartha died after he drowned in the river. “Due to submersion in water, the fluid entered the air passages of the body, which put the body into a condition called Asphyxia (deficient supply of oxygen), which subsequently lead to the death,” an official familiar with the report said.

Rescue officials recovered Siddartha’s body over 18-hours after he drowned and a substantial amount of water had entered his lungs, the official added. The medical examination has also ruled out foul play as suspicious injuries were found on his body at the time of recovery.

Speaking to TNM, Mangaluru City Police Commissioner Dr PS Harsha said, “Yes, based on forensic report we can say it’s a case of suicide, but the investigation will continue (on what led him to end hi life) to bring the case into a logical end.”

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