Ayushi asked her suspiciously, “What are you finding?”

“Ah! Nothing, I guess I lost it” Noor said looking tensely here and there inside her backpack while packing.

“What did you lose?” she asked her curiously.

She said, “Nothing of importance” and tried to look away from her strong eye contact.

They went busy packing their respective bags to leave the town. This town has served them since several years and now these two friends have decided to move to new habitat with new sort of ways of living.

Noor is very much in need to know where she left her precious belonging.

“Do you know our neighbors have also decided to move to nearby towns?”Ayushi said Noor.

“Why so?” Noor questioned.

“Did not I mention you about the cursed knife?” Ayushi said.

“I do not believe in such a thing”, Noor replied with a disgusted look rolling her eyes yet with heavy trepidation.

“I wonder how many people you would have killed if you had that knife! Anyways, our neighbors have seen the dead bodies lying on the streets.” Ayushi said.

“How are they so sure that they were killed by the knife?” Noor enquired.

“Do you think they lied to me? May be they did, I m not sure but I think there is a cursed knife”, Ayushi said.

The cursed knife is a knife that induces a power to the keeper to kill any person in sight.It has killed many innocents and made any man into a criminal. There is no information about why this curse was given or how it can be broken! The only cure is an escape from the keeper.Noor had never believed in such a thing so to know the real facts she had stepped forward and secretly took the fatal knife which she found on a body. No one is aware about her mistook. She did not want her skeptic repo to be damaged. Whenever she saw the knife there was blood on it and wondered if she had killed anybody with it in her swoon state. She decided to take the knife out of the city in a broad day light and make sure she throws it away into the deep sea. But unfortunately she has not seen the knife since last night and searching for it everywhere. Ayushi has no idea of her friend’s misadventure.

The people of the town have become restless and are moving out of fear of death.Where did the knife go? Where did she leave it? Different questions haunt her as she packs her bag.The knife was nowhere to be found. Anyhow they had to leave the place. She knew about her crimes with the knife she had committed.

After a day of travel they reached some other place with new faces around. They stared to unpack and set up their belongings. Ayushi encountered red stains on her clothes of one particular bag and started to ransack into it. On finding the cursed knife she was thrilled and shocked.She had already been induced with its power and now it was her turn to be believed. Will the new town be like the old place painted with blood red?

That knife is our deadly mindset. It serves badly until we assure ourselves to change. It was a good heart of Noor that made her off it as she wanted to throw it. What about Ayushi? What about us all? Will we change our mindsets or continue to be fatal?