Party Culture Is The Culture Of The Decade

Gayatri Menon
Jan 14, 2019   •  85 views

Who doesn’t love partying on a Saturday night after a long week of work?

Everyone likes to chill with their friends and catch up listening to some good tunes and dancing along to them.

But the trend of going clubbing has become so excessive that people have forgotten that there are other ways to celebrate too. Be it Birthdays, Anniversaries, New Years Eve or even a post-breakup party (that’s sad) everyone likes to drown their emotions in the full volume of EDMs and lots of alcohol.

Clubbing has created such an impact on the younger generation and has influenced them to pretend like they are living their best life.

I have heard so many friends say “I hate going out for parties” but still go out just because they think others will judge them for not being outgoing.

What has life come to? People are getting judged on the basis of how outgoing they are and where they go to celebrate.

Enjoying at home with good company is considered to be outdated now.

Also, people consider going out as an opportunity to flaunt themselves on social media and don’t even get me started on how obsessed people are with showing off, nowadays.

The number of stories you have to skip to get over the youngsters lip syncing to shit songs and pulling hookah is insane.

What happened to live in the moment and having a real experience?

Oh right, that died when the word millennial was invented.

Clubbing nowadays reminds me of this quote I heard ”Dance like nobody is watching. Because they are not, they are all busy checking their phones.”

Socialising is a made up concept by the society to make people feel and have a sense of belongingness and affiliation.

Also, if you feel like you are missing out watching a concert or an event live, just watch the 69 snapchat stories your friends have put in which they are trying to sing along to the songs in their amazing voices.

A tip is to not get super drunk and wake up next morning regretting your existence (along with a killer headache) and having zero memory of the night (not so fun)

In this world of 10 second snapchat stories & everyone ‘faking it till they make it’, make sure you have real experiences and enjoy where you are and create some amazing memories for yourself.

Yours truly,

Party Animal (apparently)