With the 42nd Amendment of the Constitution of India enacted in 1976,the Preamble to the Constitution asserted that India is a secular nation which means that India does not have a state religion. Every religion is accepted in India and hence parliamentary laws are enforced in India rather than religious laws. But are we living in harmony in this secular India? Well, even a 12-year-old kid can answer this question with in-depth knowledge about the crisis happening in India because of varied religious beliefs. I mean, come to think of it that the country's politics is run by fooling with people's minds and faith in the name of god. I think about this a lot that how the hell does a priest know that your god will be happy with you or will listen to your prayers (more like demands) if you offer liters of milk to your god (or to the mere structure made of sand and stones) ? Wait, shouldn't we actually give that to the ones who are in need of it, knowing the fact that the milk that we offer in temples or other places of worship goes in the ditches and is wasted because of our stupid beliefs? (Think)

We can't deny the fact that the elections are conducted and won by nurturing people's ancestral beliefs and superstitions (which might not be relevant or completely irrelevant in present time because back in those days people weren't educated enough and hence believed in superstitions or illogical beliefs) and misleading them to commit wrong deeds which they aren't even aware of while in the act of doing it. People are blindfolded with a cloth of "Religion" (or "HINDU RAJ", oops!!). HINDUISM has become a political weapon in India, considering that the majority of India's population is Hindu. So, to win the election they just have to win the majority's heart by trapping people's minds in the name of God or raising hate towards other religions. Undoubtedly, humanity, in present time, is decided on the basis of religion. And if you are an atheist then I must warn you that 70% of the pious people will make your life miserable and hell on Earth itself because well, according to them if you lack belief in God, your journey after death will to hell and not heaven. They completely ignore the fact that the dark, greedy and mercenary mindset and belief of igniting the fire of hate in every situation, is something the god of every religion disapproves.

It isn't shocking that the extent of this hate has led the people to think Islam as a religion of terrorism. It isn't shocking for me at all because we have been imposing HINDUISM on everything that neglecting other religions and considering Hinduism as superior is nimbly prevalent. Last year, the Supreme Court of India declared that the doors of Sabarimala Temple will be open women between the ages of 10 and 50, a Hindu oriented political party (Guess the name of the party) announced that the Islamic name of Allahabad would be renamed to Prayagraj since it is situated on a site holy to Hindus.

It isn't just the government, even we as a society are also encouraging this hate towards other religions. 95% of Hindu families don't accommodate Muslim family as their tenant. That's how much difficult it has become for other communities to live and survive in this heat of hate.

The political parties in this country aren't bothered about the development of this country or solving the prevailing issues and problems that the citizens of this country are facing on a daily basis rather they are more interested in raising hate amongst religions in order to be the savior of a particular religion to gain trust and faith of the people of the religion. Why do we keep forgetting that the farmers are suiciding in India? On average, more than 10 Farmers suicide India daily. Climate change is another big issue that the politicians and the government should be worried about but they are more concerned with the revamp of Ram mandir. Rivers are polluted. Unemployment and lack of education are still the issues to be looked upon since aeons yet actions are not being taken solve these problems. To eradicate poverty, they are eradicating poor people. People in power don't talk about the real issues because they will then have to answer the citizens of this country and let's admit the fact that they are too lazy to take actions on such issues and hence they make people digress from the real issues by using their Trump card i.e "Hate Amongst Religions".