Explore The Charismatic Beauty Of Deserts In Dubai During Morning Desert Safari Adventure

Eric Jones
Jan 28, 2020   •  1 view

If you are visiting UAE and you want to visit desert safari but you do not have ample of time. So, here comes the morning desert safari adventure. Sometimes visitors prefer to go for morning desert safari rather than evening safari adventures due to lack of time. The charismatic landscape of desert with fine crystals of sand attracts tourists a lot. The rays of sun reflecting over the grains of sand mesmerize visitors a lot.

During Dubai tourism company backpackers love to go for desert adventures. The sand dune bashing sessions are a must doing adventure for tourists. Bashing over the sand dunes in 4x4 vehicles boosts your adrenaline level. Driving on the crust and trough like dunes will be a totally new experience for you. The quad biking is the most thrilling adventure in desert. Moreover, you will get an insight about Arabian folks and tradition through camel ride. Your visit to camel farm will add knowledge about races, colors and breeding patterns. Through camel ride you can also encounter birds flying in the air.  The sand boarding session is a fun activity which is mostly liked by youngsters. You can perform sand boarding under the supervision of professionals. Dubai tour is always famous for its delicious cuisine. Your mouth will be watered after eating appetizing dishes and traditional breakfast. The ghawa, tea, coffee and complementary drinks satiate your thirst after exciting activities. Henna painting is very much appreciated by female backpackers. The attractive photography session in Arabian attire leaves unforgettable impression on your memory.


Following exciting activities are included in Bestmorning desert safari in Dubai adventure:

•             1 hour short camel ride

•             Visit to camel farm to show you how camel are bred there

•             Separate bathroom facility for both men and women

•             A separated playing area for your children

•             Arabian tea

•             Centralized transportation

•             Mineral water, tea, fresh juices or soft drinks

•             Arabic coffee or gahwa

•             Arabian dresses for photographic session

•             Henna tattoos/ painting

•             Attractive Photography session

•             Breakfast is served to the tourists in car (delicious Arabian cuisine)

•             Dates

•             Arabic seating

•             English or Arabic speaking tour guides

·                Quad biking (optional)

•             45 minutes to 1 hour session of electrifying dunes bashing

•             Sand boarding

•             Pick up around 9:00 am and drop off on at 12:30 pm

•             Total duration of morning desert safari is approximately 3 hrs

·         Moreover, pick up and drop off facility is also available in 4x4 vehicles. Generally the points for and drop are from anywhere in Dubai or from your residence/ hotel.

However, it is recommended to bring following essential things with you.           

·         Comfortable shoes so that it will be easy for you explore in desert

·         Sunglasses to protect from scorching heat

·         Sunhat or helmet for safe mobility under sunlight

·         Sun block to avoid from tanning of skin

·         Casual or loose fitting clothing is preferred

·         During winter season bring a light sweater