Edmond’S Vision Of A Peaceful World

Edmond Masjedi
Apr 29, 2020   •  1 view

Today's world is entrapped in jealousy and hatred. There is corruption, lack of empathy, self-centeredness running through everyone's mind. People do not even think before killing someone just for personal gain. And in the world of business, this has become a very common phenomenon. Bribery, murder, reckless competition – all these have proliferated deep into the business world. Edmond is against this viewpoint. He does not believe in pulling others down for the sake of growing up.


He feels deeply saddened by the negativities spread all across the newspaper headlines, breaking news of news channels. There is so much negativity all around. At times we feel that there is no humanity left on earth anymore. Edmond Masjedi wishes to reverse the scenario. He wants to bring the good old days back. He wishes to restore everyone's faith in the value of goodness. He wants to highlight the fact that goodness and humanity still prevail on the planet. He wants to emphasize that humans are much more than a money-making machine. But how will it be possible? Can Masjedi single-handedly bring on a change in the entire world?

Edmond has a very simple idea regarding harmony and peace restoration in the world. He believes that if each person introduces the changes within him that he wants to see across the world, it will get very simple. It is our duty to find a solution rather than indulging in the blame game. It is extremely easy to spew venom on social media. But understanding the situation from all the perspectives takes time as well as courage. He believes that people need to be rationale and use their minds actively to understand the situation rather than go blind with anger and rage.

Ways to alter yourself and lead the changes for the world:

Edmond suggests that it is essential to focus on one's own behavior. It is very necessary to give on all those prejudices and biases that have been shackling our minds for ages. Also, do not hesitate to help others. Do whatever you can for the upliftment of others. There is no need to wait for the government or philanthropists to help others. Do whatever little you can for those needy people. However, it should be kept in mind that we cannot and should not go against the laws of our respective countries.

Masjedi himself follows all these rules. He vigilantly invests in companies and businesses that can benefit the masses. He is a renowned business consultant and has given the right advice and set the life of umpteen young entrepreneurs. He has a golden heart. He believes in holistic growth in business, and thus he moves forward along with others. He never wishes to be at the top, all alone.