Some Best Tips For Glowing Skin In Winter

Digi Nawab
Feb 06, 2020   •  0 views
  1. Change your skincare routine:

In winters you need to adapt your skincare routine according to the cold weather conditions.

Avoid using alcohol-based skincare products like tones, astringents, cleansers and fragrances that further dry up your skin.

Use cream-based skincare products multiple times in a day to keep your skin well moisturized.

You may use a facial oil or a good quality moisturizer, especially at bedtime. It will rejuvenate your skin overnight and bring a glow to your face.  Tips for Glowing Skin Homemade

            2.Prevent chapped lips:

Use petroleum jelly or a hydrating lip balm to protect your lips from chapping.

Apply it many times a day and at bedtime to keep them well hydrated.

  1. Use gentle cleansers:

Fragrant soap bars can turn your skin dry and cause itching after use. Use fragrance-free soaps or cleansers preferably containing glycerin as one of the contents.

Minimize frequent use of soaps and cleansers to keep your skin soft and supple in freezing winters.