Writing gives boosts to your confidence.

Writing opens the portal of your right brain which you think will never be open.

Writing teaches you to express your emotions more clearly and in serene way.

Writing helps you to say most of taboo words in front of others which you think in your brain earlier is 'not appropriate' to say, It helps to make new connections of neurons in your brain.

Writing keeps you motivated, It Increases your awareness, Your will power, And Dedication.

Writing is a tool like a sword.

Writing has a career itself If you can write better you can get better job depending on your talent skills and commitment.

Writing makes you the dreamer.

Writing opens the portal of your brain and new challenges and opportunities around the world.

For Example:

If you love writing like me It does not matter what your current job is you do not have to fear the fact that you have leave the current job. Writing is not a job it is not a thing it is Love.

And anything is fare in love and war.

So you better get the time out of your busy schedule to start writing.

We often have a habit of looking your things hard to the the world which is a very bad habit you have to show the world hope that hope exists and there are new things in world too.

You have to be light giver to the world and embrace and show light to the people who are in darkness, So your aim must be to get your self enlightened and try to make the world enlightened too.

Do not try to make your surrounding look like darkness.

Get yourself into the light, Glow like sun, Get your surroundings out of the darkness.

In the end, I would like to say, You should never give up, Always believe on yourself and your thoughts no matter how bad or good your thoughts, confidence on your good intentions is important.

In the past I have learned that even the small of your learnings and a small amount of your confidence can give hope to the person who is facing darkest of his/her time.

Writing helps you to maintain a diary and notes of about your daily actions choose the better actions and options from your diary and work for the good of your surroundings then society then city then state then nation then country then continent then the whole world, I think I have made my point here.

Keep beleiving in yourself, Bye.

Keep waiting for my new Wrytups and keep loving me and my Wrytups like before, Love you all.

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Again keep loving me and my Wrytups love you all.



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