Life, It can be very hard but it can become easy if you become very wise about life.

You need to live life like nothing else matters you.

Get connected with peoples.

Earn and give respect to peoples who live besides you.

You must be a dreamer and always dream about life.

Try to win. Have goals. Have challenges. Have dreams. You must have faith in God.

Earn respect from others. Stay focused all the time. Stay Motivated. Make mistakes but be mindful of them and have a big picture of what you dream of.

These are the necessary things that a person should and must follow, It does not depend on the current state of the person whether the person is in depression or not.

-What mistakes he or she has made in the past, What bad he or she had done to others, Nothing matters but you.

-The bad things that can happen to you, And how to overcome them:

1. You did a terrible thing in the past and hurt someone :

-Let it go.

-Fix your mind.

-Get a hobby that requires interaction with human beings.

-Become minded with a daily hobby.

-Work on yourself, And see what went wrong the situation, And what made you do the wrong, Write notes, Maintain a journal daily.

-Follow these you get yourself let go of the past.

2. You got fail in the exam :

-Remember what is gone you can not do anything about it.

-Try to work harder the next time.

-Figure out what wrong went with you, Try to cope up with that thing, Write notes about yourself, Maintain a journal daily.

-Try to work on yourself, and See what went wrong, Write notes about yourself, Maintain a journal, If you have to write secrets remember to burn that paper.

-Be inspired and motivated and focused.

-Be inspired and study daily.

3. Your loved one is no more :

-Well, this could be the hardest part of your life.

-Write about your spouse what you liked about them and what not this will help you clear most of the things.

-Work for yourself do things you love, do things that make you joyful, do things that make you happier.

Be focused have goals have dreams this is the most important thing these are the small reasons that will help you to stand up to face the next coming day.

Do not let the small things steal your happiness. Do work on yourself daily.

Never stop believing in yourself.

-Stay hungry stay foolish said by a famous engineer former CEO of apple he said this for a reason hungrier your stomach more there is a reason to work on yourself and for you.



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Very Good.
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Thanks, Khushi it means a lot to me.
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Great content!
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Thanks for the comment Nonisha it means a lot to me.
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Really well written and very important topic nowadays! Thanks for checking up on my articles!