Getting Started To Learn About Bug Bounty Programs And Earn Money Ethically

Deepanshu Singh
Jul 19, 2019   •  8 views

HI there,

I am coming up the new thing.

Bug Bounty Programs, They are the independent programs which any website can use with there website It has two benefits:

1.It helps the website to secure there own servers and website.

2.It helps to create a new community.

Bug Bounty Programs is a community of hackers.

Where Hackers can report Bugs to the website and the website pays you in return with money and recognition like certificate and Hall Of Fame writing your name on there website to help them secure there website.
To learn about Bug Bounty Programs, Try opening these websites: .

These two websites, Offers themselves so that other websites can register on there website and the security researchers can also register on there website and the security researchers can report vulnerabilities in those website and they can also read the earlier reports sent to those websites by other security researchers right now only HackerOne offers this service, But BugCrowd is also a good website.

The community for Security is good there.

There are plenty of resources to learn these Security things as well as there are plenty of tools to help you plus there are peoples that you can follow on twitter, facebook, slack, linkedin and any other platform, Just message them and You will get the help you need.

Read here a very easy guide to learn even the non technichal type peoples can also learn.
If they follow this guide :

I myself has got recognition from Facebook and Google.
If you need help contact me here :

Read my previous Wrytup about how I hacked into Facebook and earned money Ethically.

Thanks to Wrytin.

It is a good platform to share knowledge.

Keep reading.



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