String Theory: Unraveling Mysteries By An Unproven Theory

Deblohit Deb
Jun 27, 2019   •  43 views

One of the most revolutionary and controversial theory in physics is string theory that aims to tie all the different forces, particles and interactions as a part of the same framework. This unproven theory suggests to encompass all of the forces under one unified theory.This theory tries to do so by stating that particles are actually one dimensional, string like quantities whose vibrations characterizes the particle’s properties like mass and charge.

How we came to this concept:

In Europe, in early 1970s , strings were a used to model data coming out of subatomic colliders according to a website concerning about string theory created by university of Oxford. Strong force is one of the fundamental forces that in universe and strings provide an amazing mathematical way of explaining strong force.After many years, in 1984 when the “string theory revolution” started, theorists Michael green and john Schwartz showed equations that left a question on particles are point like objects. This led researcherswith five different theories to explain how one dimensional strings oscillated in 10 dimensional reality. In 1995, theorists came up with a new idea of theory called supergravity, that combined all differing ideas. This theory was working on 11 dimensions and this created the current concept of string theory.

What actually string theory is:

String theory is the theory of everything that describes all the known particles and forces. The elegant mathematics behind string theory makes it a worldwide acceptable and quite satisfying theory but still unproven till date. This theory explains gravity via particular vibrating string whose properties are related to graviton, a quantum particle that carries gravitational force. But this theory requires 11 dimensions to work rather than 4 dimensions we experience( three of space and one of time). Researchers are trying to explain everything from a black hole to big bang and mysterious acceleration of space time with concept of string theory. But string theory is an endless pursuit that will definitely turn up one day with help of modern technology and an upgraded LHC (large Hadron collider) would play a major role proving this theory.