All You Need To Know About Hair Removal Treatment – Is Laser Therapy Good Or Bad?

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Feb 10, 2020   •  0 views

Laser hair removal has gained much popularity in all over Singapore. Almost everyone in Singapore now prefers laser therapy. It has its special effects. But, does it only have good effects? Can laser therapy damage your skin? Here in this article, we will try to cover those areas.

Now let’s start with the benefits of hair removal using laser.

Benefits of hair removal using laser therapy

Reasonable price

Using laser therapy has several benefits. The best benefit is always the price. Though, it will cost you much higher than your regular wax or razor or other procedures. But, in the long run, it will save a good amount of money. It’s just a one-time investment. After that, you are free from all those wax strips or time-consuming methods.

No worries about ingrown hair 

Waxing or threading can be a very painful process. Apart from that, you might have problems with your ingrown hair. But in laser therapy, there are no cuts from razors. You can forget about those burns or redness from wax strips. It also helps to improve ingrown hair.

Removes hair with precision

Lasers can target every single hair specifically. This therapy can reach up to the follicle. It also helps to do the job of dark-skinned people with the same precision.

Fast and effective results

One of the most prime benefits you will get by choosing laser therapy is that it shows results much faster. You can see the differences within 7-10 days of the first therapy. It is a very effective method too. In most cases, you can get permanent hair loss after the 5th or 6th session. Now you can spend the time of regular shaving somewhere else.

Cons of hair removal using laser technique

Although very popular and effective, this therapy has a few disadvantages too. You can easily avoid them if you follow your doctor’s guidelines very carefully. But, still, you need to know the other side as well.


As said earlier, this therapy could seem a bit costlier than other methods. You need to take a few sessions to get the perfect results. If you stop going for the sessions before that, you will be wasting your money. You could buy a laser device at home. But if anything happens, you will be responsible. This is your skin we are talking about, so taking such risks could be dangerous.

Skincare before and after

You have to be very careful with your skin after getting laser therapy. You cannot be exposed to the sun directly. Most important thing is that you cannot get tan before the therapy, both natural and cosmetic.

  Not recommended for all

 If you have a skin condition, such as burn, cuts or even allergy, you shouldn’t go for this treatment. It would be a greater risk to go for the therapy in such a condition without consulting a good dermatologist. First, let them examine your skin. If they think it’s alright to go for laser therapy, you must proceed then; otherwise, ask them for the best methods. As our skin is so delicate, try to consult with the best dermatologist you can find. Like in acne treatment, you would go for the best acne dermatologist in Singapore, do the same for hair removal as well.

Side effects

Laser therapy for hair removal has a few side effects too, like

·         swelling

·         redness

·         irritation

 If such things show up, consult with your doctor.

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