Why is a very alluring and pragmatic word because it frees us from shackles of doubts, confusions and turbulence of mind. It is the gateway to entirely new world of solutions and new thoughts.

Since birth, we are being taught to accept the readymade rules of the society. We all are expected to follow already carved paths without raising questions and thus we end up imbibing acceptance in us.

Our ability to raise questions get buried deep inside us. We often forget to find "why" behind those changes which ushers in our day-to-day life.

Our ready-to-accept behaviour has overpowered our curiosity and ability to question. According to the estimation, a human mind thinks between 60,000-80,000 thoughts a day!

We are free to think without any kind of limitations and restrictions. Nobody in the world can put a thought in our head without our permission. So, where is the problem?

Among these continuous thoughts , our mind raises son questions too but unfortunately we mostly don't pay heed to them and they remain suspended somewhere in our subconscious part of mind .

There is a dire need to acknowledge them and give them a chance to become 'important' for us.

Curiosity and question formulation are the fundamentals for learning and innovation.By asking question, we can identify our own loopholes and think critically about what we are learning, assess information, think creatively and divergently, and work constructively with others. Neuroscientists from the University of California at Danis found that high curiosity may improve individuals' memory for information they acquire, and they suggest "stimulating curiosity ahead of knowledge acquisition could enhance learning success." Anda meta-analysisof over 200 studies found that curiosity influences academic achievement and curiosity with conscientiousness has as much of an impact on achievement as intelligence.

Curiosity can lead students to consider what they do not know or are still wondering about, and questions are a way to communicate this lack of knowledge to target and gather information from others who may have the answer.

How to awaken the sleeping "curiosity" in you?

Yess! It is necessary to find 'why' behind everything you do .You can follow the following steps to think of 'why' more often ! And observe the change this small word brings in you.

1) From tomorrow, start your day with this word .. .

For example... Get up and ask why you get up in the morning..why you go to your workplace..why you dress up properly while going out ..why you have to follow certain rules ..and so on .

2) Do not hesitate to question your teacher or your colleagues when they tell you something new or different.

3) Being curious does not mean asking stupid questions, instead it means to dive deeper into what you are practising daily or going to practice in future.

4) Curiosity cannot be sharpened by any particular subject only , it can be polished by your efforts and way of thinking .

5) The level of acceptance imbibed in you should be decreased .

6) Do not make yourself puppet of social media as it will not give you authentic answer of your 'why'.

If you will ask why, you will get answers otherwise you will be left with only readymade informations which are also stored at Google.