Believe It Or Not, Boyfriends Come With Many Perks

Ashutosh Tomar
Feb 06, 2019   •  45 views

Life offers us many things and love is one of them. Being loved by somebody is the greatest feeling in the world. Only a few lucky people get this experience of getting loved by someone. There are many things that a girl misses out if she doesn't have a boyfriend.

You know you're in love when you can't fall asleep because reality is finally better than your dreams - Shakespeare

Here are some things that you will miss in life if you don't have a boyfriend-

  • Cute and tight hugs
  • Neck Kisses
  • His heart wrenching smile
  • An over protective and caring boy (after your father)
  • Tickling and playing with your hairs
  • Cuddling
  • Pulling your cheeks
  • Teasing you daily
  • French Kisses
  • His lovely compliments
  • 'Don't call me again' kinda texts
  • A new nickname. Babu, Bacha are in trend nowdays.
  • His cute jealousy when you talk with other boys
  • Kiss emojis
  • A person who never judges you irrespective of how wrong you are
  • His immature and random texts
  • Shoulder to cry when you are feeling low
  • Someone who can sense your pain by your trembling voice
  • Late night texts 'I miss you badly baby, come here'
  • Someone who loves your bragging about things
  • Finally, you don't have to face the looks of a couple on Valentine Day
  • You can make your single friends jealous
  • Someone who can listen your rants
  • Someone with whom you can share your secrets
  • A motivator
  • When he will hold your hand in his hand
  • Chatting till morning
  • Someone who will hold you tight whenever you are in depressing phase
  • Fall asleep in each others arms
  • Somemone who keeps his promises
  • A motivator
  • Adventure, when his mummy picks your call
  • Nice massages
  • Loving you like you never have been loved
  • Someone who is fan of your smile
  • Sexting
  • A passionate night on his bed
Only the love of a good woman can make a bad man change himself - Robert

So don't go for a perfect boyfriend, always go for the perfect lover who can take care of you like your father do and loves you whole life.