Glamorous Wedding With Small Budget

Ashutosh Tomar
Jan 31, 2019   •  44 views

Weddings are one of the most awaited events for the people getting married, for their friends and family.When you plan for a wedding, you need to focus on many tasks hence planning becomes very hard when it has to be done on small budget.Different kinds of plans can be prepared to cut costs of many items that are not worthy to be used in wedding. These plans not only make your wedding awesome but a short budgeted function too.

Want to have an awesome and amazing wedding on a small budget? Then this article is for you. Keep reading.


Decorating the venue doesn’t mean you have to go for expensive things, you can try trendy designs and new styles and also creative ideas to make the wedding unique.

  • Hang Paper Lanterns:

Glowing paper lanterns are like the shining stars in the sky.Paper lanterns in the weddingcan make your venue a dreamy wonderland.There are many colour lanterns available besides the white paper ones.

  • Make a Family Photo Wall :

These walls will help your guests in remembering the best moments of your life. Choose your best photos to make your venue more beautiful.

  • Selection of Flowers :

Every country and region have its own combos of flowers for the wedding. Orchids and Peonies are the popular one but you can’t forget the Indian flowers marigold and jasmine which not only adds beauty to wedding but are also have low cost than orchids.

So, for your wedding try for local flowers if you want to save a big amount of money.

Avoid guest list bloat

Sometimes you didn’t want to invite all your friends or relatives to a wedding, so you can here avoid guest list bloating by removing some relatives from the guest list.Inviting fewer people not only saves you from additional costs, but it also helps in making the wedding function more intimate.

Make your own invitation cards

Sites like help you design graphics and different kind of pattern and styles for your invitation cards. You can also take help of freelancing websites to design your cards. Sites like Fiverr provides good services in this area.

Food and Music

Your heritage and personal tastes are reflected by the food at your wedding There is region-specific food in like halva, ladoos and barfi at all Hindu weddings.

You can reduce the number of dinner courses. Rather than the quantity, you have to focus on quality and hence have to avoid too many courses in the food.

Take Help of local wedding planners

If you are unable to plan your wedding yourself, you can take help of wedding planners which can help you cut your budget short and give the best arrangements available in the city. Online Websites and Wedding planner like Wedamor can help you make your wedding party and all arrangements in a low budget.

Planning a wedding is not simple as it seems but above tips can surely help you in making your wedding fabulous.

All the best for a perfect wedding !!