This Article contains some excerpts from my upcoming book 'Pakistan- A Stolen Land'.

The crown of India is made of thorns. Everyday India bleeds with it but can't get rid of it because getting rid of crown means loosing power in South Asia.

Kashmir, known as the 'Heaven on Earth' is no more a paradise for India. It has become a breeding ground for militants, terrorists and obviously proxies of Pakistan which are directed towards mainland India. We are not facing this insurgency since Independence as Pakistan propagates it to be unlike Kashmiris were actually like other Indians till 1989 when our problematic neighbor started militancy and jihadist propaganda in the valley. Pakistan is not only, to be blamed for making Kashmiris feel alienated from India but India itself provided space for these activities by rigging the elections with the help of Abdullah, what Pakistan did was hitting the opportunity to propagate its policy on vulnerable Kashmiris.

It all started with violence against Kashmiri Pandits with slogans demanding for Nijam-e-mustafa (Rule of Prophet). Pakistani stooges incited the mobs in Srinagar through loudspeakers of mosques asking 'Pakistan se rishta kya' on which people reply 'La-ilaha-illallah'. Within a month, more than 1 lakh Pandits lost their jobs, lands, homes, their children and became refugees on their own land. Since then, not a single Pandit family is rehabilitated in the valley in these last 30 years. Kashmiri Pandits have demanded separate colonies to live in the valley due to ongoing militancy but local political parties and separatists have always opposed this move. The reason given by them is that India will isolate the Kashmiri Muslims by opting same tactics as Israel did for Palestinians.

Since 1989, India had lost more than 7000 soldiers, these casualties are higher than any war India has faced with Pakistan and the count is still increasing with a rate of 8 soldier per week. Hence, we can say Pakistan is successful in killing Indians without any war.

Ever since not a single day has gone when the roads of valley haven't seen the blood. The intersting fact here is that all died protecting the same land, kashmirs for kashmir (subconciously ) and security forces for India. Be it women, children, young students or soldiers, everybody has spared their life in fighitng against nothing. Nobody exactly know what they want, neither India know either they want Kashmir or Kashmiri muslims nor Kashmiri Muslims know whether they want an independent state or an Islamic republic.

These disruptions are not going to end even for 100 years unless both parties decide what they want (each other's head or peace).

Things in Kashmir are working in shady themes. To enusre peace, things must go in black or white to at least get a result.

The roots of the Kashmir problem can be found in the policies of Muslim league which were solely responsible for propogating hate among the Indians and bifurcation of subcontinent. Congress Party also have stains of this blood for letting Jinaah to hijack the Indian National Movement. What we are watching today is the result of letting a thief divide the land on the lives of millions of people.

Kashmir problem is not an issue of policies but hatred injected by Pakistan between two religions. Pakistan is successful in Kashmir because of opting the same tactic that Jinaah opted to divide the nation.

India is paying the price of no policy in Kashmir

Second Article of this series 'Kashmir Trilogy' will be published on 23 Feb................