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Character Trivia at the end


Dr. Ravi: As I was saying the world is deteriorating at a fast pace... Kuthrapali?... Kuthrapali?... Where did he go?


26th April 2024

(For 5 years Dr. Ravi often walks down the street and sits calmly in the harbour enjoying the silence and peace)

*Knock on a door named Hofstadter*

(Penny wipes her tears and gets the door)

Penny: Hello Doctor, please come in... I am sorry the house is in a bit of a mess today

Dr.Ravi: Hey Penny, no problem, my house is always a mess you know... How is Betsy?

Penny: She is good, still has bad dreams sometimes but she will be ok...you know these kind of things take time to get out of the system and today is his death anniversary so...

Dr. Ravi: I am sure she will be fine, she is a strong girl

Penny: Doctor do you mind taking Coney for a walk, Its time for Betsy's massage so...

Dr. Ravi: Oh no... no problem... I will take her out, come on Coney

( Dr. Ravi took Coney for a stroll and sat near the harbor)

Dr. Ravi: (cuddling Coney) Hey girl, how you doing huh?... It might be difficult even for you to forget what happened right, I mean losing someone is quite traumatic and that too in a way that you did not really anticipate... But you should know Coney, Leonard was a hero... he died for Mother Earth (laughs crazily) At first when I lost Kuthrapali even I was shocked and like all other people even I despised Thanos, but then I looked at the bright side. The people who died that day were sacrificing themselves for this planet to exist, they were the real heroes unlike the so called Earth's mightiest heroes who have not done anything but destroy whatever come their way like Sokovia. Look at the water, the roads, the forest... so fresh, clean and thankful for all their sacrfices. You Know Coney, earlier this used to be a restricted area due to shipping businesses...now there are no ships (laughs crazily). I can't really show my happiness to the world because they grief like fools not at all looking at the big picture. I personally belief even they should have....

(People start to appear in the place where Dr. Ravi and Coney are sitting and Dr. Ravi is agonized and shocked)



Post Credits


We are reporting live from Z18 Studies New York, All the people who had vanished 5 years ago are now back and we have just got news that the Ex Chairman of Hammer Industries Justin Hammer have been released this morning.

(Hammer walks out of jail)

Hammer: (furiously) Stark....

*To Be Continued*

Character Trivia

The Hofstadter Family - The Hofstadter family live across the street from Dr. Ravi's Home. The Hofstadters were going to the beach for a picnic and the Snap happened. Leonard who was driving the car turned into dust and the car flipped. Penny got seriously injured and Betsy, their daughter who was sitting in the front seat got paralyzed from her waist down and also went into a coma for 4 years. After Penny recovered she started to take care of Betsy and in the meanwhile Coney was being taken care by Dr. Ravi.