Death is a natural phenomenon of an inevitable change in the life of people. Death is a situation where the life of a person ceases to continue. He doesn't breathe, feels, speak or sense anything. Unlike before, his body is merely a non-living combination of flesh and bones. Death remarks the end of an organism's existence as an entity independent from its environment and it's returning to an inert, non-living state.

Now the point is what exactly happens after death? According to spirituality, the human body is made up of five things which include air, water, fire, sky, and soil. It is presumed that after death of a person, he is reinstated to these five forms. Here are different view points on death-


According to them, death is followed by reincarnation which is a phenomenon whereby after the death of a person, the soul enters into a new body and the cycle of life commences once again. However, Reincarnation has not yet been proved.

Spiritual Gurus:

Various spiritual Gurus claim that it depends upon the Karmic structure of a person, the duration that it will take to find a new body. People with stronger Karmic structure take longer time in reincarnation. Strong Karmic structure indicates that the person has been exceptionally active during his life.


According to spiritism, it is believed that people who are loved continue to live after physical death. It is also mentioned that decent people go to the Third realm, which is a place of enormous beauty, light, and peace.

Roman Catholic Church:

According to them, after death, there is a state called Purgatory. It is a place where people who have sinned are purified in fire and then they are accepted in Heaven.


According to Islam, it is believed that Allah decides when a person dies. The person stays in the grave until the 'Day of judgement'. On this particular day, they are brought before Allah and judged as in how they lived their life. This is known as the resurrection of the body.

Non-religious views:

Everyone who believes in life after death wouldn't call them religious. For some people near death experiences or witnessing, ghosts make them believe in life after death.


In spite of so many views regarding life after death, no one has been really proved. According to Stephen Hawking, "there is no life after death, the brain is a computer which will stop working after its components fail". Studies are still ongoing on life after death, let us see what we get in the future to know more about this situation.



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