We often take for granted the very things that most deserve our gratitude. Cynthia Ozick

How often have we appreciated something in our lives? There is so much to be grateful for. It could be just one reason, or a hundred reasons.

Here’s a quick head start on reasons to be grateful:

1) Your Life

Be thankful for the comfortable life that you have: a roof over your head, drinkable water, sufficient food, clothes and access to education. You’ll realize that not everyone has all of these privileges and other opportunities and choices that you do. And that is one big reason why you should be grateful.

2) The People in Your Life

You have a family that won’t always express their love for you, but deep within, you know that they’ll always be there to catch you when you fall.

Your friends understand you no matter what. They give you great company, help you make choices and always encourage you. These people are your support system and they’ll never leave you all alone.

You can also be grateful for your enemies because they let you know that there’s something amazing about you. They also help you to never become like them. Well, isn’t that great?

Then there are specific people in your life like a teacher, a colleague or the neighbour next door. There is always someone that you can be thankful for.

There are strangers who inspire you by their acts of kindness and you can be grateful for them too!

3) The Teachers in Your Life

The best teachers in your life are your mistakes. I know it seems silly to be grateful for your mistakes. But that’s what has made you better. You’ve learned from the past and there is improvement taking place always.

Challenges seem hard but that’s something that has made you go beyond, get stronger and better. It has made you compete with yourself and each time you face your challenges, you become better than before!

You can be grateful for your strengths, weaknesses, fears and a lot more. Everything that has helped you in a positive way deserves gratitude.

On good days and even on the not-so-good, pick one reason why you feel happy and blessed. Appreciate all that you have and all that you love.

Learning to be grateful for everything around makes you more thoughtful and positive. Gratitude is appreciating what you have, and not waiting for things worth appreciating.