How To Be Happy: 6 Simple Ways To Be Happier

Angelica Cardoza
Jun 04, 2019   •  100 views

Firstly, it is important to accept the fact that life is a long journey and I am going to face so many ups and downs. My life will not include only happy moments. There will be challenges and troubles but I can choose how to react to it. I have the ability to create real happiness for myself. And this happiness will last for as long as I want. Because I am in control of my own emotions. And so are YOU.

Here’s how to be happy, even when it’s not very easy:

Own yourself

Accept yourself the way you are. Accept all your strengths, your weaknesses- and everything that makes you ‘YOU’.

Don’t ever apologize for the way you are. You are who you are. And you need to love yourself for who you are.

But if you think you need to change something about yourself, keep in mind that you are doing it for yourself and nobody else.

End negative thinking

It’s true that sometimes, we make things worse for ourselves. Worrying, judging ourselves or fearing rejection- all of this keeps us from moving forward. We feel miserable about ourselves. Sometimes, we need to take a pause and re-think about ourselves, our abilities and our goals. With time, you will get used to ending negative thinking even faster.

Pay attention to the good

When things go wrong, we should probably look at the positive side. I didn’t do well on this assignment or, I couldn’t complete it, but I have learnt something out of it. I may have to learn to not procrastinate, or I may have to learn to be organized and follow a proper schedule. Pick your lessons from everything you do.

Take breaks from social media

Seriously, unplug. There are so many negatives to using social media. It triggers social comparison. It is addictive. It diminishes your attention span. It makes you sleep less. Social media takes away your happiness in some way or the other. There’s also positives and a lot of reasons why you don’t want to quit, but taking breaks is required. You could set a time in the day where you don’t use it, or maybe take a day’s break or something like that.

Build better connections

Focus on people, not on things. Money won’t bring you happiness, but positive relationships with others will. Know how to choose the right people for you. Surround yourself with positivity. The more you connect, the happier you will feel. You don’t need to look for a ‘best friends forever’ type of friendship. Even normal interactions help you build more connections and this will keep you happier.

Choose for yourself

Things to do that make you feel better:

There are so many things that may make you feel better. Pick an activity that can be done on a daily or weekly basis and see how it makes you so happy. It’s like taking a break from the usual and doing something you love so much.

Sleep, over everything else:
Getting the right amount of sleep is so important for us. Your sleep also affects your positivity. It makes you less sensitive to negative emotions.

A self-care ritual:
You could look up on the internet for different ideas and start with your own self-care ritual. This relaxes your mind and relieves stress. It can also enhance self-esteem. Well, won’t this be a great way to feel happiness within?