Healthy Eating: Know How To Eat Right

Angelica Cardoza
Jun 17, 2019   •  44 views

Getting into healthy habits takes a lot for sure.

But the positives are: your weight is under control, which means you’re escaping the risks of weight-related health problems like diabetes and heart problems. You also live longer by not smoking, regularly exercising and following a healthy diet. Adding a 30-minute daily walk increases your life span too. You will feel more confident when you know you’re fit.

Healthy eating has an emotional impact too, which includes reducing depression:

A healthy diet helps maintain or improve health. It provides the body with the required nutrition.

Learn how to go about with healthy eating

1) Know your body

Understand what your body needs. Each of us have a different requirement. We either need to cut down on carbs and sugar, or maybe our body needs more of proteins. Your first step is to know your body and what your goal is. Look up for benefits of different nutrients. Here are the 6 essential ones:

2) Choose your calories

Select your intake of calories based on what your body needs. Reduce intake for weight loss, increase intake for weight gain. The ideal requirement of energy depends upon your age, sex, and so on.

Calculate here:

3) Pick your foods

Depending on the first two steps, start a research on the foods that will provide the required amount of nutrients. Replace the stuff you don’t need with the healthier stuff. Make sure these foods are easily available. Note down how often you need to consume each item.

4) Set a schedule

Prepare a daily schedule and eat accordingly.Time your meals. Learn how often you should be eating: And remember to never skip breakfast. Know why:

5) Say goodbye to fast food

You know it well. We all have some sort of addiction towards unhealthy foods or drinks and that is a big no-no in this diet. It obviously is difficult to cut it out at once. Reduce the intake day by day, and slowly, find a healthier substitute. While a takeaway burger can be extremely unhealthy, a home made one can be both healthy and delicious.

Learn how:

Find healthy recipes here:

Getting Started

The beginning is going to be tough.

1) Don’t overthink

When you serve yourself something way too unusual and healthy, don’t overthink. Treat it as normal food because once your brain chooses to treat it differently, it’s going to be hard to accept eating it.

2) Start small

Start adding a little bit of new healthy items to your food each day. Don’t stuff yourself with it and push away your regular favourites all at once! Take things slow.Add old to the new.

3) Make your plate pretty

The best way is to make your food look attractive and tasty.

4)Try something new

You could use healthy ingredients and make some new recipes. Same old food but always with a twist.

Add your fruits to a delicious and healthy smoothie:

5) Remember why you started

When things get hard, remind yourself of why you want to do this. Keep your goals in mind when you’re munching something healthy.

Don’t forget to drink at least 2 litres of water per day: Do some kind of exercise or maybe take a good walk daily.

About cheat meals and cheat days

Know the pros and cons-

It really differs from person to person. Rewarding yourself with a cheat meal once a while will probably motivate you to keep up with the healthy eating. But if you have a serious unhealthy eating problem, don’t take a chance. You could probably wait for a longer period of time and get used to the healthy diet first, depending on your progress. The frequency of cheat meals, however, should remain limited.


a) you stay mindful. Being mindful is paying attention and making sure you stop eating once your body is satisfied. This will reduce emotional or binge eating.

b) you understand whether it’s a cheat or a treat. Limit and make sure it’s just a small treat. Focus on just one meal like this.

c) you focus on your goal. Remember that you’re doing this for yourself. It will be a long process and may even get annoying, but the results will be worth it!