It's pretty obvious no one is born with a really organized life. Even if you think you're absolutely unorganized, don't you worry! I've got some great ideas to make your every day simpler.

Being organized just makes you more efficient, calm and is a step closer to perfection.

Get yourself a planner

It could be an actual planner or an online calendar where you could jot down all your events and deadlines. This will automatically help you remember to get things done.


Write down everything you've got 'to do' in the next 24 hours, or next few days on a regular basis. Don't trust the memory bank in your head, it can't hold enough!


Weekends are the best to just re-organize because let's face it, everything won't fall into place on its own. (keeping things in place saves a lot of time when there's a lot to do)

Re-arrange, re-place re-store, re-organize.

Keep what you need

If you're a person who loves to stick to the past and hoard items unnecessarily just like me, try writing down everything you possibly need (don't cheat). After you're done, note down everything you own and just throw away the unnecessary stuff.

Always make back-ups

Documents, photographs, contacts - literally everything you need. This is really important if you don't want to run around at the last minute.

Share your responsibilities

This doesn't mean you push away all your work, but if you're a person who can't say no, try asking someone else to do a bit and don't just burden yourself unnecessarily. What matters is your quality of work, and not the amount anyway.

Go through your to-do list every day, and delegate one responsibility to someone else.

Work hard

This goes without saying, you really have to put in efforts if you want to achieve something.

Don't procrastinate

I know that one more hour of sleep or that lunch meet is pretty important to you, but avoid pushing away your work for the next day.

Easier way is to set a limit to yourself. Don't push your work for more than one day. Stay up late, skip your fun time, but GET IT DONE.

You are priority #1

Take out atleast some amount of time for yourself every single day.

The easiest way to follow this is to keep in mind that your focus is to STAY HAPPY.