An Overthinker? Here's What You Should Do...

Angelica Cardoza
Jul 09, 2019   •  29 views

Thinking of my actions could definitely help me be more careful, but not letting it get out of control is really important. Most of the times, when we are overthinking, we are engaging in something which could possibly be a destructive thought process. This could lead to unfavourable outcomes.

Know when you’re overthinking

Second guessing yourself? Finding it difficult to sleep? Nine signs that say you're an overthinker:

Observe what your critical inner voice is trying to tell you. Know about your critical inner voice:

Challenge your thoughts

Stand up to that critical inner voice. Don’t stick to the what ifs going on inside your head.

Distract yourself

Asking yourself to stop overthinking can actually backfire. Every time you try to avoid a thought, it’s definitely going to pop up in your head once again. Instead, just have your mind engaged in an activity that interests you:

Think smartly

Will this really matter in a few years? Whether I get embarrassed if I fail or disappoint my friends or family, is this going to actually affect my future? Ask yourself smarter questions:

Throw away the thought of perfection

We all make mistakes. We all have our downfalls. We all have our bad days. There’s not one person who’s perfect, even though they might try to show that they are.

Change your view

Shift the way you see this. Just because it happened before, it won’t happen again necessarily. Focus on solving the problem, and not just worrying about it:

Set a limit to overthinking

Five minutes? Ten? Set a timer to think about it, look at all sides and worry about it.

Realize that the future is not in your hands

I should be worrying only if it's going to help me change things. We can’t decide our future. Whatever will be, will be. (...the future's not ours to see!)

Accept yourself

I don’t dance well but this is who I am. I am not very confident like her but, this is who I am. I’m different and I am the best version of myself. Try self acceptance:

Keep time aside to reflect

Look back at the decision you made and analyse its outcome. Try to understand what went wrong, or even what went right. Think of what you should stick to and what needs to change.