If you’ve always wondered how to make the most of your life, chalk down your bucket list! A bucket list holds all the things you wish to do before you die.

Here’s 9 things you must have on your bucket list:

1. Travel around the World

This goes without saying, if you haven’t travelled around the world, you’ve done nothing! Explore new places, learn about their language and culture, try new cuisines: write about them, make your personal vlogs for travel memories. Buy yourself a scratch-off world map and get started!

Here's 25 must-see places: https://www.lifehack.org/articles/lifestyle/25-truly-amazing-places-you-must-visit-before-you-die.html

And, if you want to learn how to travel around the world: https://www.wikihow.com/Travel-Around-the-World

2. Learn a new language

Mandarin? Spanish? French? There’s a list of languages you should know! Look up on the internet for top languages one must know. Once you pick a language, find out about the best ways to study: online tutorials, reference books, educational apps, coaching classes, and so much more.

Learning a new language increases your creativity and improves memory, problem-solving skills, listening skills and critical thinking skills too!

Check out: https://www.wikihow.com/Learn-a-New-Language-Fast for more.

3. Go stargazing

Stargazing is one of the most relaxing activities you could try! Watching the stars can never get boring. Find the best nights to go stargazing. You could do this with a loved one, a group of friends or on your own! Go for some local stargazing or visit one of the best places for it like Mauna Kea in Hawaii or the Easter Island.

This could be of help: https://darksitefinder.com/map/

4. Make someone feel special

Give a heartfelt surprise to someone special. Go big on this one! Express your gratitude for everything that they’ve done in your life. Make them feel special. A surprise party, a dinner, cake, flowers, card – there’s a million ways you could make them smile.

5.Go scuba diving

You don’t always get to see what’s going on under waters. There are many places for scuba diving to choose from. Wherever you go, you’ll have a different yet peaceful experience. The best part? This activity makes you feel like a part of the marine life. And you wouldn’t want to miss this for anything else in the world.

Scuba diving in India: https://www.holidify.com/pages/scuba-diving-in-india-59.html

Scuba diving around the world: https://www.thrillophilia.com/best-scuba-diving-places-in-the-world

6. Learn a mind bending game

Find a game that requires thinking and strategy and master it. Chess is one classic game of strategy you could learn. Apart from that, there’s Mahjong, Carrom, Mancala and so much more. Such games help you improve with your thinking skills and prepare you to be challenged anytime.

7. Learn sign language

Just like any other language, learning sign language is great for the brain. It enhances cognition and abstract thinking. This is the best you could do to be able to connect to someone in need. Sign language will always be helpful in some way or the other. It’s great to be able to convey your thoughts with signs, as simple as being hungry or thirsty. And thanks to the Internet, learning sign language is easier than ever!

8. Learn a new form of dance

Dancing is a great skill to learn. It helps build self confidence and social skills too. Ballroom dancing should be top priority. Latin dancing such as Jive or Cha Cha Cha which is of Cuban origin are forms of dances one must know for social dance events. There’s no feeling better than knowing how to dance the right way at a party. There’s a lot of dance classes and online tutorials to choose from.

9. Help someone in need

If you’re financially independent, sponsor for a kid in need. Or there’s other ways to make them smile. Visit an orphanage or old age home and have close interactions on a monthly or yearly basis. You could accompany a social work group or take your friends along, or even go solo! There is nothing better than making someone’s day.

There is so much more than these nine things that you could try. You could pick stuff you wish to do and write them down in your bucket list, because in the end, we only regret the chances we didn’t take.



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