The signs are pretty subtle but it’s very important that you deal with identifying your toxic friends. (What's a toxic friend?:

Here are 12 quick signs your friend is toxic:

1. Pulling you down

Their advice is like a really tough punch, and it makes you feel small and embarrassed. They lack kindness. They criticize a lot and they don’t even think twice before commenting anything about you. They’ll wait for the chance to have you embarrassed in front of others.

2. Gossip queen

They love pulling people down. They talk behind backs, maybe even yours:

They’ll spread unnecessary rumours and make comments without even knowing enough. You may have tried to explain that this behaviour isn’t okay, but they will do it anyway.

3. Unhappy

Misery is their best friend. They always complain about their lives. They are never satisfied and happy with what they have. They keep comparing their life with others. They may even be jealous of you, sometimes for silly reasons.

4.It’s all about them

They can never get enough of themselves. They will make sure they get your attention and waste all your time behind them. Of course, helping a friend is great, but at the cost of your own happiness EVERY SINGLE TIME? Nah!

5. Dramatic

Their life is full of drama. They will make almost everything a big issue.

Don't want to judge them so easily? Check this out:

6. Always negative

They are always so pessimistic and it doesn’t change no matter what.

7. So hard to please

Nothing makes them happy. Sometimes, you stop being yourself. You try to fit in for this friendship just to please them.

8. You’re giving more than getting

You end up putting way too much efforts and get nothing or hardly anything in return. You may make too many sacrifices for them but when you’re in need, they’re always throwing a dozen excuses at you every single time. (the worst part is you know they can actually help you at that point but they will lie anyway)

Are you giving way too much? Find out here:

9. You want to avoid

You want to stay away as much as possible. You are so afraid of even checking your phone because you know they can see you online, and they’re going to get hold of you again. They only call you when they want something. You avoid meeting them. You don’t want to go through the same drama at all.

10. You can’t trust them

You can’t depend on their advice regarding anything. Or you can’t trust them with any of their stories about someone else.

11. You don't feel good enough

You're always trying to be better but nothing works. You are never good enough.

12.You feel used

They never take NO for an answer. You’re tired of this friendship. You know it.

Before you consider someone as completely toxic, look at how often they show the above signs. Sometimes, there is a very thin line between good and toxic, and you wouldn't even know. (just how feedback is good but over-criticism is not, don't judge without giving it much thought.)

Here's an article that makes it much easier to differentiate between a good friend and a toxic friend:



Profile of Shikhar Srivastava
Shikhar Srivastava  •  1y  •  Reply
I can totally relate to this . Worst feeling ever when we come to know that our is toxic
Profile of Vishlesh Singh
Vishlesh Singh  •  1y  •  Reply
oh dang i can totally relate to this because lately i had to cut off few of my toxic friends but thanks for this article loved it !!