Rent Tempo Travellers In Chennai For Budget-Friendly Tours

Amrina Alshaikh
May 23, 2020   •  16 views

What if you could travel to a distant tourist location with your family, but also drop by at places along the way at the same time, all with one travel van? Well, that dream can become a reality. You can rent tempo traveller in Chennai and make it happen.

What is a tempo traveller?

Tempo travellers are vans that are convertible based on their purpose. They can be used as a van, school bus or a minibus for travellers. It is the top cost-cutting ride you can get to travel in small groups. Moreover, the amenities and customization of your trip go unparalleled when it comes to decent road transportation. 

Benefits of choosing tempo travellers

You can completely customize your ride when you choose a tempo traveller in Chennai. You get to select the date and time of travel, where you want to set as the common point for gathering of passengers for the journey and even decide the type of travel experience you require. There are various amenities that tempo travellers offer.

·         Seating configuration

You can rent a tempo traveller in Chennai. The size may depend on passenger headcount. It comes in many variants like the 12-seater, 15-seater, 18-seater, and a few others, depending on your service provider. Tempo traveller seats come in various configurations like recliner seats, push-back seats, convertible beds, and some luxury cabins have sofas too.

·         Privacy

The inside of the van is covered with curtains and is well-shielded. This allows us to have more privacy during our trip without having to worry about other road travellers peeping in. It is very much a desired means of transport for people travelling as families, including nursing mothers and older people. You have the privacy to take a nap anytime in the course of your journey or enjoy dancing inside with your super squad.

·         Safety

It is safe for passengers travelling with young infants and toddlers who run about inside the tempo traveller as there are secure doors and windows. Tempo travellers are usually managed by responsible drivers and a tour guide who supervises the cabin members. You also don’t have to worry about losing your baggage as it is kept safely in the back compartment, and most of your co-passengers are likely to be people can trust on.

·         Feasibility

Tempo travellers can be rented on a budget, and your partners can pool together and pitch in a certain amount to get a complete, secure travel experience. You can check for tempo traveller price in Chennai online and win great deals and offers to save up for your travel expenses.

·         Amenities

Apart from the choice in seating, they come with various other amenities based on customization options available.

Ø  Charging ports

It is a general requirement for most passengers that their transportation is equipped with the facility to charge crucial electronic gadgets. This is very needed for long-distance travellers to have uninterrupted access to their cell phones.

Ø  Lighting and flooring

The ambience is a top priority for better visual appeal. Lighting with LEDs and other lights are a huge trend when it comes to tempo travellers. Some are even fitted with disco lights so you can enjoy an experience at par with a party inside your van. Few are also equipped with reading lights for passengers in each seat.

Ø  Entertainment options

There are many options like the video coach, high-bass music player system, passenger communication systems, and even LCD screens for individual passengers.

Visit your nearby travel agency and book your fun ride now. 


1.    What is the easy way to rent tempo traveller in Chennai? 

You can rent a tempo traveller in Chennai by visiting the website or downloading the mobile app. You can even find out the prices of tempo travellers in Chennai online. 

2.    Is airconditioning facility available in tempo travellers in Chennai?

You can choose between an A/C tempo traveller or non-A/C type depending on your need and budget.

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