While the world has begun to reel under the effect of the deadly attack of COVID 19, forcing us all to resort to confinement "home, the importance of the maxim “Stay home, Stay safe" has never been more significant. The implications of this are manifold.

While the Government exerts its efforts to keep us all safe and sound in such pressing and unprecedented times, it is also incumbent upon you to do your part. If we do feel that we have come in touch with an affected person or returned from travel abroad, it is our onus to resort to home quarantine. The coronavirus lockdown also makes it imperative on your part to maintain social distancing even in carrying out essential activities like lining up near the grocery store or even while casually chatting with friends or family members at home.

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Do Household chores:

Household chores have their pleasures. The importance of being self-sufficient in getting on with your household chores has never been more profound. The COVID-19 lockdown can revive the pleasures of household work once again. Activities like cooking or interior designing are remarkable for their dual role in helping you cope with boredom and letting your creative leanings come to fruition.

Even if household chores are not your cup of tea, there are a plethora of online activities that combine creativity with commerce. Freelancing could be waiting around the corner for you. Many professionals working in the IT and other associated service sectors are given a choice to work from home. So if you are doing so, you are combining your self-fulfilling enterprise with the almost unrecognized yet pertinent responsibility of saving the economy from a freefall.

Freelancing thereby gives you the incentives that you need to work at home. Working at home, in fact, also has another potential. This rests on the urgency of keeping oneself busy, especially in a situation of turmoil outside and the irresistible pangs of inactivity. This has become all the more relevant in the wake of a helpline that has been created by individuals as well as organizations to help people cope with psychological stress during the Coronavirus Lockdown.

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There is absolutely no reason to gainsay or downplay the importance of an initiative such as this, especially when reports suggesting the rise of cases of domestic abuse during the lockdown is a case in point.

Speaking of reports, it is also important to realize that turning on the Television today is akin to opening a Pandora's box of stress. It isn’t really of much help to witness sensational reports of a surge in cases accompanied by horrific background tunes only to encounter a commercial advertisement that implores you to stop worrying. Amidst such tumultuous conditions, one may not be able to stay safe even at home- at least not mentally. There is nothing more therapeutic in a situation like this than freelancing or simply being preoccupied with household activities.


There is no alternative that you have in such troubled times but to stay at home. That need not happen without embracing the house and all its pleasures. Think of how you craved an early ride home from work in the pre- Coronavirus Lockdown period. Now is your chance to relish the home that you know little about, thanks to your busy lives. Stay home, Stay Safe

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