Get A Good Night’S Rest The Whole Year Through With Dohar

Amrina Alshaikh
Apr 06, 2020   •  0 views

Originated from ‘doharana,’ a word which combines the meanings of ‘repeating’ and ‘layers,’ the dohar is well-known to be an exquisite duvet, comfortable for all seasons.

Many buyers of single bed dohars or double bed dohars make pricey investments in the dohar because the making and materials are such that they can be used as a light covering during the summer, or to stay cozy and warm during winter.

Nevertheless, buying dohar online will show that there are varieties available for all price ranges!

The History of the Dohar

The dohar has a long and regal history in India, particularly well known in Rajasthan. These are cotton coverings stitched with a stuffing of cotton inside. Originally, these were made from layers of ‘mulmul’ cotton, which is still used in many parts of the country to make clothing. For a period, however, this was a princely material.

Block printing with patterns carved on wood and vegetable dyes, also a specialty of Rajasthan, was used to print over these cotton, creating beautiful natural patterns. Each pattern was unique due to being handcrafted. For multiple colors, each color would have to be printed separately.

The muslin dohar is still available, but now other materials are also utilized, and many different and fresh types of material are found.

Why Buy a Dohar Online?

Many aficionados will disagree profoundly with buying a dohar online, mainly as they believe that you should not buy a cotton dohar before you have felt it and can feel the quality and the texture of the material.

However, in this digital age, there are many strong arguments for buying dohar online:

  1. All suitable suppliers will have return policies; if the quality is genuinely bad, you may send it back

  2. Most people won’t be able to travel to the correct shops to get the best quality single bed or double bed dohar, buying online would be a far better option

  3. If you buy from a trustworthy store with good brand value, then it is as good as having felt the quality yourself

  4. Consumers will be able to look at many more options online and make educated judgments about price and designs

Things to Consider Before Buying a Dohar

  • Measure your bed: Occasionally, customers are confused by whether they own a ‘single’ ‘double’ ‘queen,’ etc. To ensure that you aren’t buying a single bed dohar when you own a king bed, do a quick check with a measuring tape.

  • Consider your budget: The more gorgeous a dohar is, the heftier the price tag. However, if your budget isn’t high enough to support that, look at the plentiful varieties on offer. There will be beautiful and hardy dohar offerings at every price range.

  • Washing the dohar: Theoretically, any cotton dohar is machine washable. However, if vegetable dyes have been used, colors running in the wash are always a risk, and if you don’t have a washing machine, then washing a double bed dohar by hand would be difficult. In that case, you might settle for a single bed dohar

Buy a Dohar Online Today and Enjoy a Nice Snooze

Don’t compromise with your sleep! Protect these precious eight hours as well as you can. The most crucial part of protecting your sleep is ensuring that you have the best quality of bed equipment. And there isn’t much better quality than a good dohar

Once you own a dohar, you will regret that you didn’t buy it sooner!