7 Best Ways To Enhance Employee Performance

Alen Parker
Dec 11, 2019   •  3 views

Team Leaders, managers and supervisors have a tendency to find issues within the workforce for unmet targets and downsizing numbers. However, the stats show a completely different picture. After a thorough root cause analysis of unbalanced work performance, it was found that 3 out of every 4 times employees are unsuccessful in maintaining a good show, it’s not entirely their fault. So, it’s high time you need to stop blaming the manpower for their deteriorating performance or failure to achieve goals and look into your own collars. 

To begin with, let’s see the most prevalent reasons behind poor performance of employees:

  • Irrelevant capabilities or unsuitability for the job - Recruitment fault

  • Incomplete/ wrong understanding of the process or job role - Lack of instructions

  • Inability to adapt to the updated technologies or other changes - Improper Training

  • Outdated technology, unfit equipment or power cuts - Dearth of good resources

  • Unwillingness of employees to perform - Unambitious nature/ No job satisfaction

Now you can see for yourself that the maximum times your employees do not perform well, it’s on you! Because be it for the sake of getting a promotion only, the human resource always tries hard to match the expectations of the employers. So, you need to step up and do exactly what you promised them while drafting the appointment letter format.

For instance, take the below mentioned points into consideration when you want to witness an uplift in the employee performance:


The multifarious departments in an organization require different kinds of employees with varying caliber and skill sets. So, during recruitment you need to analyze the competence of every candidate and allocate job profiles to them accordingly. Also, the responsibilities should be assigned depending upon the capabilities and preferences of each individual so that there is no compromise on the performance later. 

Performance Metrics

Rather than setting stringent KPIs for the employees, the performance management system should include parameters that focus on productivity of employees and not the number of working hours. The ratio of revenue generated to the team size can give you the perfect productivity figure in order to analyze their performance.

Talent Development

Another factor that keeps employee performance at par with your expectations is frequently conducted training’s. Apart from the initial orientation, re-education of the workflow, change in work processes and policies is a must. Besides, small tests and contests should also be organized to track the enrichment time-to-time.


Communication gap leads to lack of understanding and a lot of jim-jams. So, it is extremely crucial to maintain a comfortable space between you and your employees. One-on-one interactions, group meetings, emails and communication tools can be used to eliminate such scenarios that adversely affect the performance .


Well-deserved applause can go a long way in making the employees happy and improving their performances. Employee engagement and motivation strategies like R&Rs, appraisals, bonuses, commissions, appreciation announcements and mails should be religiously followed to keep the workforce morale boosted, thereby augmenting their productivity.


Nobody likes to work either under pressure or in a tedious atmosphere. There are a number of ways to avoid both these situations. You can conduct fun activities on a weekly basis for a breather, open mini fitness centers to keep the workforce energized and organize trips and outings to break the monotony. The employees won’t feel overworked this way and there will be higher chances of getting better performances.


A positive and delightful workspace lights up the mood and sets the perfect environment for working. Initiatives like decorating the workstations or specific corners of the organization, taking care of proper facilities and resources, providing free food and beverages to the manpower can really do wonders in enhancing their performances.