What Are The Properties Of Zircon Gemstones?

Akansha Verma
Dec 10, 2019   •  0 views

Zircon or Jarkan stone, popularly known as 'Hyacinth' or 'Jacinth' in ancient writings, is an exceptionally brilliant semi-precious gemstone that is well-known for its exclusive brilliance and exceptional beauty. Usually having a higher refractive index than any other naturally-occurring transparent gemstone, Zircons are the most beautiful natural gemstones with its own merits. These semi-precious gemstones are generally blue or colorless and perhaps the most misunderstood. In addition to this, fine blue zircons are also exceptionally beautiful stones, but they are very rare.


As a matter of fact, radiant zircons are the oldest known semi-precious gemstones, and they usually come in 3 different natures – low, medium, and high. It is also important for you to know that zircon or jarkan gemstones vary significantly in terms of refractive index and specific gravity. Therefore, this particular stone is considered a less-expensive substitute for diamond. So, let's learn more about the various properties of this exceptionally beautiful gemstone.

Properties of Zircon Gemstones

Zircon, one of the 3 December birthstones, is a transparent gemstone with a range of 6.5 to 7.5 on Moh's Scale. With Venus as its ruling planet, Zircon or jarkan stone has a high refractive index of 1.81-2.02 and a density of 3.93 to 4.93. This natural transparent gemstone comes in different shades like red, blue, yellow, orange, white, grey, purple, pink, and brown. Today, Zircon stone is abundantly available in many places around the world, including Sri Lanka, Cambodia, Australia, Afghanistan, Burma, Tanzania, and Pakistan.

● Zircon gemstone is actually zirconium silicate. It is the oldest gemstone known, and its chemical formula is ZrSiO4.

● Zircon stone is renowned for its matchless brilliance and luster, and this is why it is used as a common substitute for diamond.

● Zircon or jarkan is an immensely attractive and beautiful gemstone with its color shades varying from colorless to yellow, purple, and greenish-brown. Since Zircon is available in numerous shades, it is often used for making attractive ornamental jewelry.

● The fire, as well as the refractive index of Zircon gemstone, is very high. In fact, its refractive index is even higher than sapphire, ruby, spinel, and tanzanite.

● Although the hardness of this gemstone ranges from 6.5 to 7.5, Zircon is quite delicate, and it possesses dislocations within it.

● It is the tetragonal structure of Zircon gemstone that results in its white brilliance.

● This mineral is commonly used in the ceramic industry.

● The diversity in color shades of jarkan stone is caused by the traces of radioactive impurities within it. Therefore, these impurities are heated and stabilized in order to prepare Zircon to be used as a gemstone.

● Zircons exhibit numerous healing properties, and it also proves to be beneficial for those who wear it properly according to their astrologer's recommendations.

In addition to all this, it is the low Zircon stone price that eventually makes this gemstone a less-expensive substitute for diamond. You can easily buy this gemstone from online stones and add a piece of this sparkling beauty to your jewelry collection.