Tips To Consider To Save Cost On Custom Clearing Services

Akansha Verma
Dec 30, 2019   •  1 view

In India, there are famous cargo shipment firms that provide valuable services within the boundaries as well as work on international grounds. The network of the renowned shipment firms is quite vast due to which they can access product delivery on time all across the world. However, the cost of shipping a product outside the country may cost the transporter in thousands. Custom clearing cost is a significant additional expense that is incurred by the shipper. An assortment of trade policies, tariffs and laws are regulated at an international level. For every country, there is a set of rules and regulations used to control the movement of goods across boundaries. Hence, it is a complicated job, and that is why many firms choose to give the respective task to another company.


Outsourcing Company regularly uses the services of the outer custom clearance agent, also known as a customs broker. These brokers are familiar with every custom brokerage method and fiscals that will be incurred as they get custom clearing done almost daily.

How To Save Cost On Custom Clearance Services?

• Hire a broker- A Custom broker in India can get all work done through the legal gateways without any hassle. They are familiar with the customs staff because of which they can communicate and do the document work rapidly. By hiring a custom clearing agent, you will have no tension. Even the shipper saves money because of an agent who knows the cost of customs clearance levied by each country under the import and export slab.

• Get insurance- A very nominal fee is charged that cover the shipment. In case the product is damaged or has wear and tear during the transit, then the custom broker will initiate the insurance amount secured against the product, i.e. inside the parcel.

• Do digital processing- Nowadays, the digital system is used everywhere because of which it has become mandatory to operate the cargo sector also on operational systems. The shipper can book their consignment, get through the customs clearance gateway and do many more functions by using the official website of the origins web portal designed for air cargo and customs clearance.

• Packaging- Light packaging with inflated plastic bumpers for the fragile products is an advice given by the customs broker India based agent. The weight of the product, as well as transparency of the product inside the parcel, should be light and crisp respectively.

• Always book via cargo firm- Individual custom bookings for import and export of a product may lead to heavy-duty prices. To save money in customs clearance, it is always advised to book through the registered and licensed air cargo firm.

• Book the same type of products together- To save time and money on each product shipment, one must book the goods together if they are supposed to be delivered at the same destination. It will be easy for the customs clearance agent to do paperwork and execute the product through the customs at the airport in one go.

How to get a customs clearance agent?

It is convenient and fast to book an agent online through the official website of the air cargo shipment firm. They offer a varied range of services, including custom clearance services. Once registered with the email ID, it becomes quick and smooth to track the consignment, pay for the customs clearance and no hidden brokerage charges will be levied. However, it is better to compare online amongst different cargo service firms by using the price quote tool that is available free of cost for all the customers around the world. This way, a shipper will get a fair idea about the value of the parcel delivery charges integrating custom clearance fee.



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