Know About The Best Hair Serum For Hair Growth In India

Akansha Verma
Mar 25, 2020   •  4 views

Maintaining thick and healthy hair has become a tough task in this polluting environment. A proper care also includes addition of hair growth serum in India. This list will brief you about some of the promising hair serum that do wonders to the strands in terms of hair growth, adding moisture and leaving the tresses smooth, and shining.

Let’s accept the fact that we all don’t have time or are lazy enough to do extra to take care of the tresses by regularly oiling, applying DIY tips or doing away with home remedies. With the plethora of options available in the new products online, especially pretty packed hair growth serum in India for different hair type, one should include this multitasking hair product to repair, restore and transform the texture of the strands. This post is all about the best hair serums one can consider for hair growth.


Mac Pro Nourishing Moisture Oil:

Hardly any women is away from the hair colour treatment be it global hair colour, highlights or more. The pro-oil complex ingredients in this serum get absorbed by the hair instantly boosting the moisture, softness, shine, hair growth, and protection to the strands. They create the right balance of UV protective layer and helps to extend the hair colour.

Livon Serum:

No list is incomplete without this product that is economical to the pocket and cuts the hair frizz with a smooth and glossy texture. Rich in Argan oil, Livon serum infuses the right balance of moisture to the hair eliminating frizz. A few drops of this serum after shampoo will help your hair to smoothen, and thus, the tangle-free hair promotes hair growth too.

Biotique Bio Mountain Ebony Vitalizing Serum:

This serum has been specially made to promote hair growth. It not just eliminates the dryness of the curls but also soothes flaking scalp, fights off dryness and itchiness. From roots to the tips of the hair, this serum promotes nourishment by improvising the strength and ultimately, activating the growth properties.

Khadi Natural Hair Oil Serum:

Khadi hair oil is one kind of serum that is suitable for every kind of hair type. This is an exceptional product as it includes natural ingredients like rosemary and henna that promotes hair growth. Free from mineral oil and paraben, this product prevents hair fall and has a soothing and purifying effect on the scalp’s health too. Non-sticky in its texture, Khadi natural oil resolves all the hair growth issue, leaving the strands glossy and tangle-free.

L’oreal Paris Total Repair 5 Serum:

If you want the best hair growth serum in India that helps to fix split ends and hair fall at the same time, nothing beats this L’oreal total repair serum. It is a one-stop fix for dry and dull hair, rough hair strands, split ends and hair falls too. Lightweight in its texture, such hair serum is suitable for every hair type from straight to curly locks.

Wella Professional SP Luxeoil Reconstructive Elixir For Keratin Protection:

This is an all-in-one serum that does it all for the hair strands. From adding shine to providing strength to the braids, from eliminating hair fall to detangling them for smooth texture, this serum work wonders for dry, brittle hair. It can be used as a leave-in treatment for conditioning the hair, styling as well as for providing moistures to the dry and dull hair.