How To Combat Snoring— Best Strategies For A Healthy Relationship

Akansha Verma
Dec 10, 2019   •  5 views

Based on independent researches released by the ‘Vancouver Sleep and Breathing Center’, there are quite a few individuals who snore while being asleep. While the snoring levels can even go up to 38dB, there are almost 28 percent of individuals who are affected by a condition called sleep apnea which worsens the situation further for the concerned partners. However, there are quite a few potent solutions for snoring that can be used to combat the issues but before we talk about the same, it is necessary to understand the sleeping position, posture, and other physical aspects pertaining to the resting state.


Will an Anti-Snoring Pillow Help?

Firstly, it is important to note that different individuals have different sleeping positions which make it difficult to ascertain the perfect use of an anti-snoring solution. However, based on experts who have dealt with the problems of snoring, people sleeping on their stomach are advised to choose a side or sleep on their back. This minor change can go a long way in fixing the issue of snoring.

However, once the sleeping position has been fixed i.e. shifted to either a side or back, anti-snoring pillows come into the mix. These pillows are deftly designed for minimizing snoring or even eliminating it in certain cases. The existing principle is such that the neck and head of the snorer is aligned in an aesthetic manner which opens up all the blocked airways and makes it easier for him or her to breathe. Therefore, it wouldn’t be wrong to tag this anti-snoring solution as the personal sleeping expert.

Firstly, for individuals sleeping on their back, it is necessary to opt for a specially designed pillow that comes equipped with an inflatable roller for the head. Moreover, this readily induces sleep and also makes the individual shift to a side, almost organically. For back sleepers, anti-snoring pillows offer durable and therapeutic solutions while reducing snoring problems, almost immediately.

However, for individuals who are already sleeping on their sides, these pillows can make a world of difference. These special pillows are designed to angle the head downward which preventing the tongue palate to block the nasal airways. However, they play a major role in correcting the existing sleeping patterns more than anything else.

Can every snorer use an anti-snoring pillow?

It is necessary to understand that these pillows aren’t for everyone as they typically or rather subtly force individuals to sleep in a restricted manner. While this might get uncomfortable for some, it might also take some time to get used to. However, if persisted with, anti-snoring pillows do promise complete remedy from snoring besides being extremely affordable.


Snoring is an extremely tricky issue that needs to be handled with extreme care as the affected person is never aware of his or her shortcomings. Therefore, an anti-snoring solution like the pillow is probably the only plausible solution that comes with miraculous effects, especially in the long run.