Astrological Rudraksha Buying Guide

Akansha Verma
Jan 14, 2020   •  1 view

To buy a Rudraksha online, one should understand what it is, its benefits and ingredients first.

What is Rudraksha?

The etymology of Rudraksha comes from the combination of two words. One being Rudra which is the alternative for Lord Shiva's name and Aksa meaning teardrops. 


Rudrakshas have beads from 1 to 21 lines. Due to their relevance with lord Shiva, rudrakshas are commonly used as 108 beads in Shivaism or Sanatana Dharma. Rudrakshas are believed to have several scientific and pseudoscientific properties. These beads are used for meditating by chanting "om Namah Shivaya" counting each bead in the garland. 

Rudrakshas are a type of fruit found on the trees of Elaeocarpus majorly discovered in South-East Asia. This fruit contains several anti-bacterial effects that can cure severe diseases like epilepsy and also mental illnesses. Based on spiritualism and its psychosomatic abilities, Rudraksha believes in maintaining peace of mind.

Here is how one should buy rudraksha mala online-

• Who can possess Rudraksha: Any person, despite age, religion, caste, gender, mental abilities, and geographical locations or any other barrier or distinction can possess a rudraksha.

• Do Rudrakshas have different types: As mentioned above, Rudrakshas vary from their bead lines which differ from 1-21 lines. However, the sizes of the Rudrakshas vary as well. The smaller ones cost more than, the larger beads since they are difficult to find. This doesn't make any difference in the beneficial properties it offers. 

• Advantages of each type of Rudraksha: Each Rudraksha has its qualities and is made for different people of different ages for apparent reasons. 

• Panchamukhi- these Rudrakshas have five faces and should be worn by children older than fourteen years.

• Dwimukhi: The word itself represents two faces, which perfectly describes and is meant for couples, hence intended for the married ones. It is intended to provide peace and harmony within a relationship. 

• Shanmukhi: This type of Rudraksha is made up of six faces and is meant for children younger than fourteen years. It is useful for the development of physical and mental capabilities.

• Gowri Shankar: These are twin Rudrakshas attached that can be worn by anyone that's older than fourteen years. It is meant to be useful for cleansing the seven chakras. 

Now that it is easy to differentiate between the types of Rudrakshas and understand its benefits based on one's age, it becomes simpler to choose the right one online as well. 

Further, decide how you want to pursue the Rudraksha if you wish to wear it as a necklace, or a mala, or pendant. 

Once that is chosen, according to your age and necessities, check which type of Rudraksha is accurate for you- Panchmukhi, Dwimukhi, Shanmuki or then Gauri Shankar. 

At last, the price range comes into the picture. According to your budget, you should choose which Rudraksha you prefer to buy from the site. There are different options and recommendations one can select.