3 Tips To Get The Most Out Of Your Faux Eyelashes

Akansha Verma
Dec 31, 2019   •  0 views

A pair of faux eyelashes is the nicest means to add a little drama and allure to any makeup look. And if you are thinking of purchasing in a set of excellent lashes, you'll need to ensure that your investment survives through numerous applications when you buy eyelashes online.


Here are some simple tips to get additional wear out of your false eyelashes.

1. Use Remover To Take Them Off at the End of the Day:

When you doze, your false eyelashes can handily get twisted, worn, or torn as you toss all over the bed. Always ensure to reduce your faux eyelashes at the day's end, and stock them in their basic package. This may be a little time expending with eyelash clumps, but it will protect the eyelashes from compiling dust particles and enable them to retain their form. When it comes to removal, regularly utilize makeup remover calmly to remove the eyelash glue before taking it off. It may be faster to yank them off, but this lays pressure on the eyelashes and can even tear out your actual ones. Select an oil-free makeup remover to avert severing down the lash piece. Avoid the usage of tweezers to discard the eyelashes, rather gently wield the pads of the fingertips to prevent crimping the eyelash bristles.

2. Buy Good Quality Lashes and Avoid Using Mascara:

It may be tempting to purchase a cheap pair of lashes, but the more inexpensive falsies deplete shortly. Rather, buy false eyelashes online from a respected brand like Ola Candy Chic Lashes. They look not only but can also give you the confidence that your fake eyelashes will easily go through numerous dressings. Beauty video bloggers and YouTube make up experts may advise you to blanket your fake eyelashes with mascara to relatively combine them in with the original lashes. Nonetheless, this point is not essential when you own a good quality set of real looking lashes. Falsies are anyway extended enough and dark sufficiently that they do not compel mascara, which can make faux eyelashes clumpy and tear them out timely. If one totally must put on mascara on falsies, don't utilize one that's waterproof. Even the most decent mascaras end up making false eyelashes trudge together and fall asunder.

3. Clear and Brush Your Eyelashes:

It is crucial to tidy your eyelashes after every occasional usage. This discards of any buildup from adhesive or eyeshadow that might make eyelashes look sloppy. One should gently moisten them in lukewarm liquid and tidy them up with eye makeup remover and a cotton Q-tip. Then ensure to soak the lashes thoroughly and calmly sift them with an eyelash comb before dabbing them dry and stocking them in their place. It might appear like a lot of labour to maintain the fake eyelashes to look their best, but this action will go a long way to keep these falsies seeming like fresh. It'll also provide the additional buffer in your wallet from not requiring to purchase fresh ones weekly.